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Friday, February 15, 2008



After reading your notes I feel like I was in the class.

Bat boxes are made many times by Boy Scouts as Eagle projects.Just a tid bit for you to learn today.


Thanks for the tip about the safflower seed and the squirrels. We have one that eats regularly (he just hangs on and swings back and forth while he feasts on the birdseed!) and we would like to get rid of him. My hubs will be happy when he hears that there is a solution!


I just heard someone talking about bat boxes! Evidently they are great for controlling mosquitoes. Just one bat supposedly eats 3,000 mosquitoes a night!!! Get some of those bat boxes right away.


Lots of great information! It was like I was there! Thanks! I was about to buy a cement bird bath, but will opt for a plastic one that looks like cement...if I can find one like that!


Oh Deb, I like this post. I enjoy birds so much. We have all kinds. My new bluebird house that I got for Christmas has new occupants. We enjoy watching them. How do I get a copper guard for the hole? Make it? Very informative, thanks so much!


I love bird watching and am always looking for ways to attract them to my yard, thank you for the wonderful tips!


We have always had one of those suet feeders up, nailed to the side of a tree. We had downy woodpeckers, nuthatches, flickers, titmice, chickadees...they all enjoy the suet. I tried to hang one with a suction cup on our windows here (since we have no trees in the yard), but there are no birds in our yard so the suet just melted under the intense heat! :-(

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