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Friday, February 08, 2008


Wagner Family

Oh my Sarah! What a wonderful job!
Your aunt in SC is going to want those too!

I'm so thrilled to be able to observe the beautiful, godly woman the LORD is creating Y-O-U to be!

Much love to you-
Mrs. W.


Way to go! Next I want to see pictures of the dress. (:


I really like the quilting patterns you chose. I have not a clue how to quilt, but I so love them! Maybe one day I'll give it a whirl...


Beautiful handiwork, Sarah! God has blessed you with many talents. Thanks for inspiring us! (PS Our Christmas tree is STILL up, and it makes me think of you.)


Oh, a fellow graph-paper enthusiast!!! LOL!

I have used a lot of graph paper for quilt designs. :-D

The pillows are just lovely! :-D




Just beautiful! Don't you just love checking things off of a "to do list"!!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Sarah, those shams are beautiful

Aunt Bet

LOVE them, Sarah!

I saw a quilt recently (in fact, it was that crazy quilt that your mom linked to recently) that made me want to learn how! Did you see that one--just a hodgepodge but really neat fabric and different sizes of squares, etc. But I guess I'd have to have a sewing machine first. Oh well. I can still admire yours. They are BEE-U-TI-FUL!!!



How pretty! I can't wait 'til I get to that part of my quilt!

Connie W

The shams are gorgeous!


You did a wonderful job. Congrats on finally finishing. I know Alli and Mere want to get to that point soon :)


Thank you so much for the comments everyone! :)


Beautiful Sarah! I like the designs you chose to use and the little thin blue border you put around them! It really makes the designs stand out really well. Just lovely!!


Your pillow shams are beautiful, Sarah!! My favorite of the four blocks is the Card Trick--it's so neat looking!

I hope you all are doing well! It's shameful how long it has been since I was over here and commented on one of your many posts. Since our other computer died, it's been harders to get on here, but your blog is now in the new "favorites" folder, so things are looking up. :-)

Take care!

Ram in the Thicket

Wow, those are really beautiful, nice job!

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