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Thursday, February 21, 2008



OK...I haven't commented in a while..:( But I have to try this! :) My guess is:
#1 Hannah, #2 Tom, #3 Sarah, #4 Jonathan, #5 Deb.??? Can't wait to find out the answers!!! BTW, I enjoyed the post on Gardens and birds, very interesting, felt like I was able to attend the class with you Deb! Thanks!!


I will take a zany guess.I love the part about curling or not curling toes!!



1. Hannah, but I'm tempted to say Sarah since her quilts look like she's a perfectionist.
2. Deb
3. Jonathan
4. Sarah
5. Tom
I'm tempted to wait and see how your sister Bet votes since she knows you better!

Thanks, this was fun!

Wagner Family

Zany #1: Hannah
Zany #2: Sarah
Zany #3: Jonathan
Zany #4: Tom
Zany #5: Deb

We love the whole zany Girotti family! You are tops in our book!
We love you!


For the record, I think a curly, toed family is pretty zany! And for Whoever #1 really is ... I totally get the egg thing!! :o)

Okay, guessing ...

#1 Sarah
#2 Tom
#3 Hannah
#4 Jonathan
#5 Deb


HaHaHaHaHa!!! This is so much fun seeing everyone's answers! But what I wanna know is WHY just about everyone is associating ME with the skunk?!! LOL!!

Those of you who haven't ventured a guess, you still have time. Answers will be posted on Thursday morning. :)


I know that #5 is Deb right away - I remember the list comment :)

I'm assuming the toe curling thing is genetic :)
Here's my guess
1 - Tom - because my husband likes to arrange dishes in the dish washer and only males crack knuckles etc around here.
2 - Sarah
3 - Jonathan
4 - Hannah

Deb - you really like the smell of skunks??? You must move up here.


1. Sarah
2. Hannah
3. Jonathan
4. Tom
5. Deb

This was HARD! I'm not sure I got them all right, but we all know No. 5 is Deb!!! :)


Just for the fun of it I decided to make our guesses even tho' we're fairly new "friends".
#1 Sarah
#2 Deb
#3 Hannah
#4 Jonathan
#5 Tom
(I made my guesses before reading the other comments, so I'm obviously off on at least Deb's but decided to post them anyway so you could get a good chuckle :)


My guesses were:

1) Deb
2) Hannah
3) Tom
4) Sarah
5) Jonathan

:) Fun!!


My guess is: Sarah, Hannah, Jonathan, Tom, then Deb. I think that maybe the person likes the smell of skunks because it brings back childhood memories? :-) Two of my three children curl their toes under their feet while barefoot, too! I never knew others did this! I'm in total agreement with the egg thing, for sure...there HAS to be balance! Writing things on the to-do list after their done so you can cross them off gives a sense of accomplishment, and I do that myself. That was a fun way to end your A-Z Encyclopedia of Me!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I have no idea, but all that toe curling has given me toe cramps just thinking about it.


1. Hannah
2. Sarah
3. Tom
4. Jonathan
5. Deb

Just when you you thought you were beginning to really get to know find out you never really knew them at all!! This was great fun..the girls loved the skunk part!! See you tomorrow!!


If your sister had not been correct then I would have been surprised!!

2 out of 5 -what can I say!!I will miss the A-Z meme.


Mrs. Girotti,
That is funny that you like to write things on your to do list that are already done so you can cross them off. We like to do that too! ;-)

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