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Friday, February 22, 2008



It looks like so much fun! The menu sounds delicious - thanks for the recipes!


Looks like a very fun party! :-)


My favorite color-PINK!

Looks like it was a fun and enjoyable time.

By the way please keep me in prayer as I go to take the North Carolina written drivers test.I hate taking these tests and I really need a NC license.

Connie W

Looks terrific!


Everything looks beautiful! What a blessing y'all are!


What a lovely afternoon! All the decorations are so pretty! The food looks so delicious! (I'm so hungry right now!) What a special way to treat your friends. :-)


Your menu sounds delicious! Your decorations look lovely! Glad you had such a good time.


What a beautiful presentation. That Sarah is one talented girl. What a blessing that was for each guest to see the care put into all involved. That is true hospitality. ps-I want to be invited to the next..:)

Sharon L

Oh, that looks so lovely and delicious! Your guests were blessed to be able to partake of your hospitality! Thank you for sharing!


Wow, that looks very festive. I would beg for an invitation to your next get-together, but you live way too far away! :-)
I guess I'll just have to make my own party and use your ideas for some inspiration.
Thanks for sharing your party-
Michelle in sunny FL


This just looks so lovely...I love doing luncheon/tea parties...guess it's time to start doing them again ;)

Ram in the Thicket

What a sweet table. Everything looked lovely ;o)


this looks amazing! how special everyone must have felt! i know i would have.


Wow, it looks like you all put on a lovely party! Everything looks so pretty! I'm sure your guests appreciated all the time and effort you put into this special event.

I like to make desserts too, Sarah, and cheesecake is a favorite of mine.... :-)

Courtney, Jer.33:3

Everything looks sooooooooo cute and pretty!! Ya'll always do a great job with things like that!!

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