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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Aunt Bet

I wish you good success with your business, Hannah! You have done a great job with the website. Very nicely done!


The cards are gorgeous.I already signed up to receive updates.I will be ordering some cards soon.


I love your cards! They are so beautiful!! :)

Ram in the Thicket

They are all so beautiful! I can't wait to receive my order ;o) ~Melissa


Very nice cards. I hope to order some soon. May God bless your new business.



Hannah, Congrats on the new website. It is beautiful and I can tell that you have put much effort into it. May the Lord bless your efforts, I know that you are a blessing to us!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Congratulations on your new website, Hannah. Your cards are lovely. Best wishes for much success.


Hannah, your cards are beautiful! And what a professional website. We will be putting together an order for soon as we can narrow down our wishlist:-) Have you thought about adding a guestbook? Please keep us updated and let us know how your website does. I'm sure there are a lot of young ladies out there looking to you as a role model. Thanks!


Thank you, Aunt Bet, especially for your behind-the-scenes help!

Tammy, I appreciate your compliments. And I hope to be adding new items frequently, so I'm glad you signed up!

Thank you, Caitlin! I went to your xanga and enjoyed seeing a more grown-up version of you.:) I bet Anna now looks like what I remember you as.

Thank you for your order, Melissa!

Welcome to our blog, Lisa!

Mrs. Trent, thanks for your encouragement-- many months ago now--to get my site going!

Thank you very much for the best wishes, Susan!

Thank you, Kathie, and the guestbook suggestion is a great idea!


You make beautiful cards, Hannah! I plan to mention them on my blog. I wish you success with the expansion of your business!


Very lovely website and product!

Congratulations on your this business endeavor - I wish you much success!

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