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Tuesday, February 26, 2008



Deb, I say, "GO FOR IT!" What a cute little gal that Petunia is! That was a fun article to read this morning...made me smile. :-)


Uh...sure? I wouldn't. ;-)


When our oldest daughter was very small some neighbors had a pet skunk for just a short while. They brought it for her to see one evening--very cute but still had that distinctive "perfume" about. I would be content to look at cute pictures!!:)


Ok. I didn't get to read your "zany" post till just now, and I couldn't believe that you love to smell skunks, Deb! I have known exactly ONE other person who likes to smell skunks. Let's just say you'd be happy, happy, happy up here. I went to another town this morning, and all the way over and back I smelled skunks everywhere! Goodness! LOL

Wagner Family

YES!!!! I don't know if Pepper would enjoy the new pet, but I know you would enjoy the smell!
The whole Wagner crew votes yes on the skunk!!!


I love the skunk-for-pet idea, but how *very* disappointing that they descent it first! ;o)

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