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Tuesday, February 26, 2008



Hi, I just found you and wanted to say hi.
Looks like lots of good fellowship. °Ü°


I had to laugh over having so much soup! It's definitely better to have too much than not enough. I usually err on the not-enough side.

I love to see pictures of your fellowship. I love the times when our church family gets the opportunity to have a service or fellowship in our home. In fact, we've brought our Thursday night Bible studies back to our home, and it's a nice, sweet time here for those. Thanks for sharing so many pics!


Looks like you do have fun along with the learning.I like the variety of families that you have for fellowship.

I am laughing about Sarah and the diaper picture,I seem to remember a young married couple telling me a story about babysitting and diaper changes.I am sure after 4 children this couple is well experienced in this area!Won't mention any names!


Never changed a diaper?!?! Wow! How did you ever get to be 21 without ever having changed a diaper? Okay, I know you were the youngest......since I'm the oldest I got plenty of experience in that area. (: It can get old after a while but I don't regret having the experience. Lord willing, I need to put it to practice someday.


Close fellowship is a a very sweet blessing!

Thanks so much for your prayers Deb.

And go ahead and get that pet. You'd never be short of blogging material :)


It is a blessing to see your fellowship growing in the Lord. Maybe we can plan a spring meeting place to get our two groups together. I know that we would enjoy it. That way, you can make that soup again and for sure have enough...:)

Ram in the Thicket

I truly enjoyed this post, thank you for sharing it. I love the photo of the kitchen sink area. We have gutted our kitchen and are trying to work out the new window over the sink, this may help!


Deb, I really do love getting a peek into your home church. What a blessing!


Mrs. Girotti,

You did an excellent job sharing the warmth and variety in our meetings. Thank you for including us!!

Courtney, Jer.33:3

I just LOVE ya'll's diningroom table!! I don't think I've ever seen it before. :)
That's so neat that ya'll have been able to meet new like-minded people! They can be a real blessing!!

Laura J. Wright

Lovely example of faithful christian community - relationships are not optional in such a small group and I believe that this is the way God intended it - their is no discipleship without relationship. Super churches of thousands can not compete with the unity of Spirit found when a small group comes together like this. Such a blessing - praise God - thank you for sharing, it has been truly encouraging to read about your lives.

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