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  • Jeremiah 29:5
    "Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat their fruit."

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008



I love the sheep pictures.They remind me of when we lived in Iceland.

The festival sounds fun.I haven't been to a Maple Festival in 10 years.When we lived in Cleveland we took Allison and Gregory to this one:

Courtney, Jer.33:3

LOL!! I could see Momma and I doing the same thing.........stopping in the road to take a picture. :)


LOVE that can! To bad you didn't purchase it. :( It really would have looked just perfect with your others! The pictures look like the day was lots of fun!


Oh what a wonderful time! I just love the country even tho' I grew up in a small city.
I've never seen maple syrup buckets on the trees and the green watering can was a real "miss". It was really cute! I probably would have lingered near the basket weaving
area. Thanks for the pictures! Morgan continually has a camera nearby for all those "choice times"!


Wow! That looks like a wonderful adventure for a weekend! If I was in Virginia, I would have come to go with you. :-) Funny about the barn picture! How sweet to see the lambs all with their mommas...I noticed the one closest in the picture seems to have twins! Awwwww! Did you buy maple syrup? Thanks for the sharing the beautiful pictures!


Looks like a wonderful weekend, Deb! I love to ride in the country when we come up to VA. It's probably a good thing we don't live up there, because I'd spend too much money on gas, just riding. LOL! Just curious, do you know how much the larger jug of maple syrup sells for? We just paid $32.00 for organic at the healthfood store.


(said in a whisper)

"I won't tell on you"

why are we doing this on your blog??? :)

I love love love the sheep pictures. We pass a sheep farm on the way to a little town near us but they aren't out on the fields yet - it's just too cold for them. Another month or so and I'll have some lamb pictures too.

Some of the tree pictures I posted have maple sap - I said to r why don't we tap them? But they are a mile or so into the woods so it would be hard to check on them every day. I might try it though, just for fun.

Glad you had a lovely day!

Ram in the Thicket

I love sheep! I won't tell you how many bags of fleece I have around here ;o) Do you spin and/or knit?

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