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Sunday, June 01, 2008



A very meaningful time to share with family and friends.


I find your home services very interesting. I was just wondering, however, if you put yeast in the bread? Thanks! :)

Tom G

Hi, Melissa,

Thank you for your question. The elders actually considered the question of whether the bread should be unleavened. We agree with this statement by Steve Atkerson of NTRF:

"The Jews ate unleavened bread in the Passover meal to symbolize the quickness with which God brought them out of Egypt. Jesus used unleavened bread in the original Last Supper. Nothing is said in the New Testament, however, about Gentile churches using unleavened bread in the Lord’s Supper. Though sometimes in the New Testament yeast is associated with evil (1Co 5:6-8), it is also used to represent God’s kingdom (Mt 13:33)! As we see it, this is a matter of freedom."

Hope that helps!

Anonymous (mother of two little ones)

How did your group come to meet in one another's homes for your Sunday service? I don't want to "forsake the fellowship", but I also have no desire to part with my little ones on Sunday morning. A day of rest and rememberance is not really that way when going to a 10:00am service with two little ones; rather, it is one of frazzeled frustration both emotionally and spiritually.


Hi Mom of 2: I've sent you a personal email describing our journey just a bit. You can also click on a couple of the links on the left sidebar: National Center for Family- Integrated Churches for churches in your state and also The New Testament Restoration Foundation. Hope this helps.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

That's so neat, Deb. Does your church always meet in homes? I love that. That's the way the early Christians did it. Hope your friends are well again soon.

Anonymous (mother of two little ones)

I'm sorry, I must not have noticed a reply in my in box as I don't recall seeing an e-mail from you about your journey. I am quite interested in it. (: If you get the chance, I would like to hear it...again. (: I really am sorry that I didn't see the first one you sent. I will check out those sites on your page that you suggested though. Thank you for making the time to reply to my inquiry. (: Have a wonderful day and remember to pray always. Thank you. Sincerely, (: (mommy of two little ones)


Thanks for your reply. I have never really thought it was a major issue, but I know some Christians who do. Therefore, the curiosity. :)

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