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Monday, June 23, 2008



I'd love to be entered! I'm getting ready to start my Giveaway also~ I guess we both waited 'til the last week!! :)


I would like to be entered please



I have seen these advertised and they look wonderful! Please enter me.

Wagner Family

Please enter our family. Thanks Hannah!

Carla Pruiett

That looks like a wonderful set! I would love to be entered.


I would like to be entered...thanks so much!!!


I would appreciate being entered, thank you! I too have benefited much from their ministry.

Melissa N.

I would *so much* love to win this set. Please enter me, and thank you! ;o)


Wow! Please enter me! Thanks!


Our family was able to hear Doug Phillips give the "Promise" sermon at our homeschool conference several years was EXCELLENT!! Not only did it challenge our young people but it speaks to parents as well of their responsibility to honor their parents ALL the days of their life, great message!! Ray Comfort is one our family favorites and always hits home with his powerful messages, (he is also very comical :) so he is easy to listen too.) This set looks great, please enter my name. THANKS Hannah!

Mommy of two little blessings (:

Hello Hannah, It is kind of you to give away this package. Thank you for being an affiliate and for giving us the opportunity to receive such an amazing gift. It sounds like you all have been quite busy enjoying the blessings of spring and summer around your home. That is wonderful! Take care and have a fabulous day filled with the joy of the Lord. (:
Sincerely, me (Mommy of two little ones)

Honest to YaYa

Please count me in, thanks!☺


Good afternoon Hannah,
I was just talking about this series with my mom and sister this weekend. If I happen to win the drawing, then these DVD's will surely be shared with them!


Enter me also, please! :)


I have been trying to get these since they first came out.. LOL. When VF had them on sale we were going to buy them but the transmission went out in our van and it left us with little extra money. I prayed and prayed and finally decided I would wait until Christmas. Now they are being given away all over the net and I am trying as hard as ever. LOL
We want to use these videos as a tool to help our children catch our vision for faith and family.


Heard about this from Meredith. :) I definitely want to be entered and will post about it on my blog!


Oh, please enter me!!! :)


What a great giveaway! I wish I'd have had access to something like this about 25 years ago. Now that I'm raising my second set of children, I feel much more confident in our role as parents.


Please enter me in the giveaway! I was looking at that set not too long ago and wishing I could hear them! Thanks!

Mama Bear

I saw your link at Karla's Korner. I enjoyed reading the post below about your visit to the museum. I have a friend who collects art by Pat Moss.
The collection looks very interesting and I can see a couple of topics I would like to hear more about. I hope you'll consider entering my name.
In Christ,


All of the tiles look good.Enter me in the drawing.

Dena H.

Thanks for making this offer. Please enter me.


Please enter my name in this-we home church right now with some other families and I think we would really enjoy using these.
Thank you!


This is my very first time ever trying to enter a giveaway! New to the world of blogging I guess. :) I enjoy reading your blog so much! Thanks!


please enter me


I would love to be entered in your giveaway!



I would like to enter Deb!


What a wonderful giveaway! I would like to be entered, and I linked on my blog.


Thanks for doing this giveaway. This sure would help our family out who has just caught the vision. I also posted the giveaway on my my blog.

Be Blessed.

Mrs. Hurzeler

I would love to be entered in, these DVD's look so great. What a blessing.
Thanks for the chance.


Please enter me too for the giveaway. That is such a blessing to offer to folks....Tell mama that I haven't forgotten about her email...I am soooo far behind. I will be contacting her soon.~ love Mrs. Trent


I would really appreciate to be entered into your contest! I love Vision Forum and know all these DVDs much be such blessings.

Thank you!


Hi! I'd like to enter the contest! I'm going to post about it on my blog, too. :D Thanks for the opportunity!


I'd love to be entered into the contest! Thanks!


Please enter me!


Wow! I only recently found your blog and love looking at all of your pictures. Thank you for the giveaway and I would love to be entered!


Thanks for such a great giveaway!


Enter the Donahue's...maybe we'll win again :o)!!

Erica Olsen

Please enter me!


Please enter me for this drawing! Thanks so much! :)

Rean Day

Oh, how wonderful. These are some of the titles I have had on my "wish list" for some time. Thank you for doing such a thoughtful drawing. Please add my name to the proverbial hat. Thank you again.

Rean Day


I would love to enter! Thank you for posting this!
In Him,

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