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Wednesday, July 16, 2008



Thanks for this info! We are already battling with the deer--they usually come out later in the year--and I need to plan ahead for next year. Maybe if I planted some of these things around my roses they would act as a deer-barrier!

Mommy of two little blessings :)

I didn't have questions like that, but I have found the information quite interesting. Thank you for puting up a blog about it. I appriciate it.
God bless your family and your day.
Sincerely, - me - :)

Anne Fannie

Hi, I found your list very informational. I don't have deer but I have ground squirrels and rabbits that eat everything in its path! They are thieves in the night! I bet a good deer spray would work on my flowers to keep them away, what kind do you suggest on flowers and vegatables?


Thanks for everyone's comments!

To answer Anne's question, I have used "Liquid Fence" on flowers. It's for both rabbits and deer. You don't have to respray after every rain.

However, before we found out about that, my daughter made up a very stinky concoction of hot peppers, garlic, and water and let it steep awhile before using. We've never used anything on veggies because ours are protected behind a fence with chicken wire. If you use anything on veggies, I'd recommend something more natural like the
garlic. Although I've not read the Liquid Fence label to know whether or not it's safe
for veggies. Hope this helps!


Thanks so much for the information! I really appreciate the time you put into making this list. I will be printing it up for reference. :-)

I'm sorry that I didn't see your post until now...between working on a bunch of cleaning and organizing projects and then having our computer off line I haven't been blog hopping! Has the Summer been sailing by fast or is it just me?!

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