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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Susan Ramey Cleveland

Although the last thing I need is something with calories, I'm just going to have to make that Mounds cake. It looks so good, my mouth is watering. Thanks for the recipes, Deb. Oh, and your gardens are beautiful.


Wow!A busy yet fun week.

Your gardens are doing great. The hyacinth seeds you sent me are just starting to grow! I should have started them inside but better late than never :) I'll post a picture when they are blooming.

Your luncheon and desserts look yummy. I also make that chocolate trifle recipe but we use Skor bars for a topping. My kids love it.

Have a blessed weekend!

Mommy of two little blessings :)

Absolutely wonderful! Glad to hear you all are enjoying life. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. What a blessing to have your daughters enjoy making a specail meal for your mom, her gal pal, and you. God bless you all. :)

Sincerely, - me -

Wagner Family

4 volunteers coming forth with hands waving in the air for you to pick us to initiate the new picnic table! ;-)


Wow! Have you all been busy. I would love to come up sometime and try your picnic table. The dishes for your lunch look like something out of Taste of Home. I like coconut so save me a piece of cake!


You sound "pleasantly" busy. :-) Thanks so much for sharing the dimensions of your garden. I so appreciate it!
I will share on my blog, what our dimensions are and some of our far. :)
Pictures of your "old" garden were so inspiring that that got the wheels turning for us.
Thanks again for being so inspiring!
A Blessed week to you!
PS - that recipe looks delicious!


Sure were busy!How nice that your mom and her friend came for a visit.

I did LOTS of laundry when Chris and Gregory came home from Boy Scout camp.Chris started his new job on Monday.Since we have lived here he has had 8 jobs which includes the one we move here for way back in December 2005.


Y'all look like you are having a delightful summer! Your recipes look delicious and oh - so - chocolate. I'm assuming one could add sliced almonds to that Mounds cake 'cause ... "sometimes you feel like a nut (whaw, whaw) sometimes you don't!" ;) Hey, for Bri's 18th birthday I finally used your lime cheesecake recipe. It was a hit ... hubby says it's his new favorite cheesecake!


We have some of the same dishes. We found a box full of them at a thrift store for real cheap and they were just so cute so we picked them up. It was not quite a full set. I only have ONE mug, but lots of bowls, plates, and dinner plates.


You ladies are amazing. Please come teach me everything you know.



It was so good to see all that you have been busy with this summer. Thanks for the recipes. Now that I am eating everything but milk and eggs I am excited to try Sarah's yummy desserts!! We picked our first beans today and have been enjoying stir-fry with the zucchini and squash. Our wild blackberries yielded 2 delicious cobblers (in a square pan, of course :)

Much love,


I was rereading this post and realized that you said that your Mom and her friend Evelyn had come for your Birthday!! Forgive me for not catching that! A Happy Belated Birthday to you my friend!!

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