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Saturday, July 12, 2008



Yes! That was definitely a deal! Wow!


Oh, yeeeaahh...most assuredly a great find! I love old tubs :) And old jars...

What are you going to do with them??


Yes!! Great buy--actually I think we'll see the tub again but with something blooming in or near it! :)
The blue jars are a great treat and I think the jars with handles need candles.


oops! I'm not "MorganJane" but I was thinking about your terrific find and goofed! :)


You got a GREAT deal! I love those blue jars! You could use them for all sorts of wonderful things! Our only find was an old purse that we will remove the handles from so that they can be put on a knitting bag or hand knit purse of some kind. You'll have to post to let us know what you did with those jars and that tub. :)


Well, I don't know off the top of my head what I'd use them for, but I'd say $5 was a good deal. I love the bucket! LOL


Yep. That's a good deal, Deb. I would have paid the $10 probably! I'd love that tub for flowers in my yard! :)

Joe Murphy

It is naught, it is naught, saith the buyer: but when he is gone his way, then he boasteth.
Proverbs 20:14

You did a great job on driving a bargain.

I'm curious, would you have bought it for $10 if he hadn't of come down or would you have walked away?

Connie W

I'd say you got a bargain!


Thank you all for commenting...seems most everyone thinks I got a great bargain! :)

Joe, thanks for stopping by and for the verse. To answer your question...yes, I would have walked away...sadly walked though. :)


Pretty good deal!

Jane Marie

I'd say you made a great deal. I have a tub like that that I use as a planter. I love it. Plus the jars can be used for all konds of things. Mine hold beans and peas in the kitchen, and buttons, etc. in the sewing room. Good job!


Beautiful jars! My Mom gave me a number of older style wire jars that I cleaned up and put dried herbs, spices and beans into. They are very "quaint" looking.
I've never seen blue jars, though. Very nice!

Tom G

Hi Joe! It's great to hear from you. Thanks for the interesting comment on this one. It just so happens we referred to this verse during a recent church meeting teaching (about falsehood vs. truth, Ephesians 4:25), We talked about a buyer exaggerating product defects in order to get a price down, or a seller hiding defects to get a price up. No problem with negotiating by representing what something is or isn't worth to you, or pointing out valid defects or advantages. But as believers we do need to take care not to manipulate negotiations with false representations.
Thanks for the question!


oh I think it is a great sure got more thatn your moneys worth...
I posted one of my latest yard sale finds, yesterdday..


Wow! I want to go shopping with you. We have 3 blue jars and sometimes I put tea lights in them and put them on the mantle ;)


Around here, those blue canning jars go for about $10 each and often higher, so it was a good deal for sure and a tub for planting in the bargain to boot! To think that years ago good old farm boys would line those jars up on the fence row and use them for target practice! Now we see them as treasure! Do you have the lids? You can still buy the rubber gaskets through Lehman's I think, if you plan to use them for food storage. I like to store nuts, grains, beans and seeds in them.


Somehow I did't see this post until this morning ~ what a treat! Oh yes, those jars bring back memories. Mike's parents lived in a CT farmhouse built in 1875, and his mom had few things that were not antique. She kept all kinds of buttons and (Now they live in FL.) I loved our times spent there!

I would probably dehydrate my garden gleamings and store in them.

If they require a weird-size lid, you will probably find them at

Thanks for sending me down memory lane!

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