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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Wagner Family

The best part of any fellowship meal is sharing it with our other family---YOU ALL!


I guess it depends on which part of the country and cookbook one uses,JOHNNY MAZETTI is what I have had!


Mmm - it sounds delicious. It's always good to have a big casserole recipe on hand. I'll keep this one in mind for the next potluck I attend.

I love "Come Thou Fount".


Looks like you all enjoyed a blessed Sunday. I read the recipe, and it seems like one we would enjoy! We may try it sometime. The singing sounds like fun...maybe you could post a sound bite once you all get it down! :) As for us, we went to church, watched football & played a game in the evening. Our church is starting home shepherding groups next week, so we heard about them during the morning service. We will be meeting in an elder or deacon's home each Wednesday night, depending on where we live. Should be beneficial and enjoyable. Praying for you all and Aunt Bunny!

Jonathan Girotti

The fatal flaw with Joe was he contained a liberal dosage of mushrooms. :(

Nick Jesch

Had a GREAT Lord's Day. I'd gone back too a city I'd lived in a few years back to help videotape a four day conference for church leaders my church was sponsoring. Part of my "job" was to assure each of the five local congregations of that church had someone there with a camera so as to include that meeting as part of the conference. There was one meeting with no one to "cover", and so I took that one. What sweet fellowship came in result of my "lot"! I have known many of the families in this group for many years, most were part of my own group when I lived there. So, not only did I get my "work" done, and well, but was greatly encouraged by renewing some of these old friendships over our mealtime after (yes, a shared meal is part of every Lord's Day together.). A family I had lived with for more than a year were the team to lead in worship, a particular delight for me. And so appropriate for the video, as well.

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