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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Wagner Family

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so professional looking! You did a wonderful job! The Wagner family is VERY proud of you, Sarah!

Hannah, you look so beautiful with your friend. We are so glad you got to share this moment with her!

We'll miss all of you tomorrow!


Oh how absolutely wonderful! The cake was gorgeous!

God Bless,


I was hoping that you would put a sneak peak up of the wedding.Cake looked nice.I like the dress that Hannah wore.

We went to the American Legion Home dedication earlier today and saw Allison perform in the O Henry Story -The Last Leaf.


Sarah, the cake turned out beautifully!!!!


Oh, Sarah! The cake turned out so professional-looking! And Hannah, you look beautiful - Courtney chose great colors for her wedding. And I'm so jealous of all of you getting to go! ;) I was just over at Kristi's of Thimble Thoughts - she was there too and posted some pics, but not too many. Everybody's waiting for Courtney to get home from her honeymoon.

I found out today that my best friend, a pastor's wife in GA, knows Courtney's husband - small world!


The pictures & cake turned out so beautiful. Sarah did an excellent job! What a blessing to be starting a new life together serving the Lord. I'm excited for Courtney & Christopher.


I agree with everyone else...the cake is beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen an autumn wedding cake before. Very nice. Have a safe drive home.


Sarah, you did a beautiful job on the cake! God has blessed you with so many talents. What a blessing to share them! The fall colors are just gorgeous! Hannah, how wonderful to share this special event with your long time friend. May God bless their marriage for His honor and glory!


What flavor was the cake? :)


The cake turned out gorgeous! Love the colors of an autumn wedding. Looks like a lovely day.

Mommy of two little blessings

Dear Deb,
What a wonderful treat to have two friends enjoying the joining of hands and lives with the ones they love so close togeather. The bridal shower looks like you had a very nice turn out. Congratulations to you all on that and to her on her upcomming wedding. Also, for Courtney to be able to start married life with her dear one. The cake your daughter made is beautiful. Looks just like a fall flower garden there. Great job!

Remember to pray always. -me- (Mommy of two little blessings)


Beautiful bride and maid of honour! And what a lovely cake - well done Sarah!! It must have been a little nerve-wracking :)


What a beautiful cake! You did a great job!


Wow, Sarah, you did a wonderful job on the wedding cake!
Thanks for posting the pictures! I enjoyed seeing them.

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