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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Aunt Bet

Wow, Sarah! that's a lot of baking. They turned out great.


Your cakes are so beautiful. I loved the one you did for your friend's wedding. God has really blessed you with a special talent. My daughter made a red velvet cake for us last night. It's one of our favorites. Merry Christmas.


Jane Marie

Your cake is beautiful. You have quite a talent for decorating. I started using store cake mixes many years ago when the kids were young. It saved so much time! I found that Duncan Hines has a good texture and I get compliments, especially on their red velvet. Then of course, I have to 'fess up.


You do such pretty cakes! I know what you mean about cakes tasting "mixy". I'm sure yours tasted fine!


How pretty! Did you take pictures of the other two cakes?


Sarah - what a beautiful job you did! (and what a blessed dad to have his own professional baker at hand!)


Seems like I haven't seen your blog in forever! The cakes look so yummy! I love snowmen, too! Congrats to Jonathan! What an accomplishment! The cookie exchange looked like a lot of fun! I love those polka dotted socks...didn't have time to read whose feet they were on. :) We are back home in Virginia and online again! YAY! From the Horton house to yours, we wish you a joyous Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


Sarah, the cake is beautiful! Congrats on a successful job! You mentioned scrubbing the floor and I thought you might enjoy my disaster story--last night for our fellowship meeting I came over to our house to carry back some hashbrown casseroles that were being kept warm in my oven. I took one and when I came back for the other one at the last minute I decided to also carry a large container of hot sudsy water to help with the afterwards cleanup time. I made it to our back door when they both slipped from my hands, covering me, the floor and everything nearby with hot sudsy water. The casserole was ruined and I was sloshing in water. A quick cleanup and back to the church without the casserole. We weren't low on food so I don't think anyone noticed! :)

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