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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Wagner Family

Well, we are too much alike! I LOVE snowmen! I use a snowman theme through out January for decorations. I always thought it was sad to go from lights, holly etc to nothing! So, we designated January as Snowman month!


I don't collect snowmen although I have a couple of cute, country style snowmen accessories (a cute pillow for the family room couch and a wall display). I DO collect mugs and at xmas time I display all of my Christmas/Winter mugs. Your snomen you show here are adorable!


I like to collect hand-blown glass ornaments. We have several on our tree. I have a few snowmen too. Your newest additions are cute.



Very cute!

I don't collect any certain Christmas things.Although I have a few Dickens village pieces that I like. My favourite ornaments are those made by the kids.


Hey Deb!
Found your post saved in my folder-WONDERFUl to read all your posts. So.. snowmen.. check out our cookie jar!

come see me at the mall! Prob. have to order online because we ran out quickly! love to all, debby


You would like the snowman kit that my sister in law gave us one Christmas.I also have an antique looking snowman cookie jar that was a gift.

We have many cat ornaments on our tree.

Karla Dornacher

Hello friend... how funny... of all the days for me to stop by to visit you and there is Michelle's snowman... it made me smile for sure! There's another thing we have in common... snowman collections. They do make my heart smile!

The workshop was fun... it would have been great to have you there. I'm hoping to post about it myself later today but I'm trying to catch up on emails this morning and then work on Christmas gifts this afternoon.

Deb... may your heart and home be filled to overflowing with the love and joy of Jesus this Christmas and always!



I have lots of snowmen. Can't seem to leave them behind when I see them! I'll be posting them after Christmas. I leave all the snowmen up until spring or I get sick of snpw, which ever comes first. Love yours! Jean

michelle allen

I'm so glad you like your snowman. Thank you. That is awesome about the "G"! I think my love of snowmen also came from my mom. She tends to like the one's a bit more on the normal side while I think the wierder the better! I just started collecting the old plastic snowmen with the light bulb in them. They're inexpensive, found mine for about $9-$12 and they're perfect in a window.


Love your snowmen! We have a nutcracker collection. Too.many.nutcrackers! This is the first year we haven't added in years. Instead I mentioned how we could divy them up once the children start to marry and have their own homes - lol. I had a less than enthusiastic response - imagine that! :o)


I too am a snowman lover!! I have little ones sitting around and Morgan painted me two for the piano!! Last night for a fellowship meeting at our church she made a chocolate chip cheese snowman that turned out to be quite the talk of the table. I think she'll put pictures on her blog. Sarah or Hannah will need to make you one!


Aww! I'm so glad you liked it! How neat that it worked out so well--I had no idea that you collected snowmen or that you had a red coat! :) (Mom gets the credit for the scarf by the way...I don't crochet. ;))

Glad you liked it!


I have tons of snowmen if anyone is interested in buying any if them some are collectables some are not give me a text email me at

Patti joyce

I have a ton of snowmen big,small, talk, short and so on.. if anyone is interested please give me a shout..


Hi Patti,
Thanks for your comment. Hopefully, you'll find someone interested! Thanks for stopping by Mountain Musings!

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