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Wednesday, January 21, 2009



My husband was recalling just the other day that when he was a little boy both his parents loved pie. So each year on George Washington's birthday his mother baked, of course, a cherry pie.
My favorite pie is probably Boston Cream Pie which is really more like a cake but I'll have to surprise my husband with a pie on Friday. He likes pie and I'm sure doesn't know it has its own holiday. Thanks for letting us know. Happy baking.


Nick Jesch

no "pie" tales, but would a cobbler tale be legal?


My mother's mother died when Mom was only 13. She had to drop out of school to care for her little brother. She tried to make pie crust and failed, so when I was growing up the only pies she made had graham cracker crusts. When I was grown and in college my dad's mother gave her two pie crust recipes which she said were never- fail. My mom tried those and became an excellent pie baker. So, it just goes to show that a good recipe and/or proper equipment can help you achieve success in the kitchen. I love many kinds of pie and tried a new one this fall from the King Arther web-site. The difference with this apple pie recipe is that you bake it for two hours! I was skeptical at first, but it truly makes a delicious apple pie.


Sure, Nick, let us hear it. :)


Ah, yes, Wilborn's. They closed several years ago, much to the dismay of many people. I remember them best for their chitterlings (chittlin's), though I never ate any. But I do remember the food being quite good. I guess you don't stay in business that long if the food's not delicious. :)

My grandmother (Mom's mom) used to make the best Chocolate Meringue Pie i've ever eaten. She's no longer with us, but we do have her recipe. Ours just doesn't taste the same, though.

I've also made a Streusel-Topped Pear Pie, which my husband really liked. I'll have to give the Chocolate Town Pie a try.

Nick Jesch

Well, Deb says "sure", so here goes. Some years back most of my siblings (I've got eight of them) and Dad were at my house. Mom lived about sixty miles away, and she even showed up too. Dad had been staying with me for about a week, we went sailing, did a few other great things... thoroughly enjoyed the time together. I think it was rather an imprompty family reunion of sorts... all being at my house, a first.
It seems also to have developed over the years that whenever we sibs get together, we COOK, and we EAT... lavishly, abundantly, and mostly unconventionally. We had some sort of joint responsibility for a supper, to be shared by all (the cooking AND the eating... our "ritual". Can't recall the details of the supper, other than that I had the smoker going with some variety of things, probably including some various roasts and a largish piece of fresh salmon. We began to ponder dessert..... few options presented. Well, it WAS August... I live on five acres, my next door neighbor continues to operate the blueberry farm his great grandparents established over a hundred years ago, and they were ripe. So, we shagged the younguns into the bushes with various containers (Kenny has graciously commanded me that anytime I want to go pick, just go pick.... don't even tell anyone.) In their absence, we began to plot the fate of their harvest. No way was there time or facility for pies, the first suggestion (two small pans, oven already packed... not going to happen). How about a COBBLER? Fine... let's DO it. No one could remember how... I searched several cookbooks, not one recipe. Undaunted, I found a rule for some sweet dinner biscuits, we decided it would do for the crust with some elaborations and modifications. Found a CLEAN five gallon bucket, I still remember Michael up to his elbows in flour etc, hand-blending the dough. (no mixer at that point, and a spoon was rather outmaneouvred in the assault). What to bake it in? The ONLY thing I had to hand was one of those large Bluestone turkey roasters... PERFECT, we declared. The berries came back, they'd found the Jerseys (a hot tip from someone in the field...) and had probably ten pounds of them. Another large bowl, crushed them a bit, some sugar, a bit of lemon juice, a touch of ground cinnamon, I turned up with a bit of cornstarch.... when it "seemed right" we dumped most of them into the pan. Too much, took a bit back out, and pressed the lid into service for that and the remainder. Michael had completed his bucket manipulations, so we gobbed the biscuit dough on top of the blueberry mix.... guessed at some time/temp combination, and threw it all into the (now empty) oven. It cooked while we did our job on the contents of the smoker... someone had gone out for a couple gallons of good vanilla ice cream.... and oh, that cobbler... hard to find room inside for it, but we managed to do away with most of what was in the large pan that night. (most of us can pack it away...) Next day we all left to head up and spend that night across the water from Victoria, Canada, planning to take the ferry across in the morning. We had cobbler for dessert that night in Port Angeles as well... and there was STILL some left when we got back this side the water. Mind you, not that it was a challenge due to quality. No, it was the quantity. Remember the size of the pan and lid we'd filled... ten pounds of berries, about two gallons of biscuit dough..... yes, we had a lot. But we looked forward to the next go-round until it was all gone. I believe Dad and I ended up with the last of it after we got back to my house, the others having gone their different directions. We STILL talk about that amazing cobbler... totally unrepeatable, too. But memorable.

So, there's my cobbler adventure.


Hi Deb, Just took a Star Spangled Cherry Pie out of the oven! It smells yummy! Made with cherries from our trees and the crust from my Mom's old Betty Crocker cookbook. She was a wonderful pie baker because she baked them often!

Jenny Haugh

I'm not so great with pastry, so to celebrate I made a shepherds pie! Hopefully, that still counts :)

Mommy of two little blessings

Just noticed your new picture at the top...and said, to my computer *smile* "oooo that's pretty". Nice job ladies. *smile*
Blessings.-me-(Mommy of two little blessings)


Thanks for the inspiration today! I made a homemade apple pie with honey instead of sugar and an oatmeal crumb instead of a top was delicious!!!


I like your new blog picture at the top. The apple pie looks wonderful. We'll have to give it a try. Do you have any pictures of Ethan you can share with us?



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