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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Jenny Haugh

I think that it is a very smart idea to get them done now. I thought I would have plenty of time, and then, while exhausted and pregnant, the baby came before they were done! Thankfully, a friend made 8 little premie diapers for me, until we got home and settled. Then we set to work making regular sized diapers. It would have been much easier if I would have thought ahead!
One thing I didn't know about cloth diapers-Bleach can break down the fibers down, so if they need to be bleached, it's best to hang them on the line and let the sun do it. Also, it's better to wash them in cheap detergent or baking soda- the expensive detergent coats them (to protect against future stains) but then they don't soak up moisture as well.

Another advantage to cloth- there have been some recent studies on disposible diapers and the chemicals in them linking to infertility later in life. This may be more than you wanted to know though :)

I made about 18 of the smaller size (and only had to wash every 2- 3 days) and about 18 of the larger size. I also used a lot of inserts (but the diapers I made had a separate diaper and cover- the all in ones sound much easier) I used sherpa for the diapers and loved it! They seemed to get softer every time they were washed. I also used pul for the covers, and velcro! I loved the velcro.

And....I made it through the whole post--hope you made it through the whole comment :) Happy sewing!


I'm actually making diapers right now. :) I have five made so far - three out of the Mama Bird pattern (which I really like!) and two out of the Rita's Rump Pocket diaper pattern. I don't know that the pocket style is for me - it seems like a pain. We'll see.

Where did you get your snaps and snap setter from?


Of course I made it through the whole post! I read all the posts faithfully! :) Your industry and thriftiness is an inspiration to me. Although I graduate my youngest this June, I will keep this in mind for grandbabies that will, Lord willing, come one day. Thanks for the great information, Sarah. You are going to be a blessing to your future husband. :)


Very good idea! I know it will be fun, too.


I don't think it's strange at all, in fact it sounds very sensible to me. You've certainly got more time on your hands now than you will when they actually become necessary. And I, too, tend to be obsessively interested in cloth nappies - although I am now married (but no children yet) I was fascinated by then long before I met my husband.

Thanks for the interesting post. I read this blog regularly but have never commented before.

Best wishes,


P.S. I love the verse beside the post! :o)

Susan Ramey Cleveland

When I had babies, nobody would have dared put anything but cloth on their infants. What goes around comes around, I guess.

Sherrin Drew

This is so relevant to me right now as I have just entered the third trimester of pregnancy and really need to start thinking seriously about which kind of cloth nappies would be best for us. I'd love to read more on the topic!

I have been given some ordinary cloth nappies (not fitted) and I'm thinking of buying the Eenee Weenee pants to put them into -

It would be lovely if you could check out the website and tell me what you think, as you seem like much more of an expert than I am!

I like it that you can also use biodegradable pads with them (for those difficult days, perhaps) because one of Dave's main goals for us in choosing cloth is the benefit to the environment. It is great that if we needed to fall back on something disposeable we could use a biodegradable product.

I'd love to sew some, but am sure it is beyong my skill right now, and have 101 other projects to do before baby!


Making diapers is new to me-thankfully we are LONG out of them.I used disposables with Allison and cloth for most of the time with Gregory.

Your dad's comment had me laugh!

Sounds to me like you are smart to make them now.Have fun.


What a useful post, Sarah. I used cloth diapers on all six of my children. The first two I used plastic panties and prefold diapers with pins. Then one of the ladies in church called a company and made a deal that if she could get an order for 200 covers (4 different sizes), we could get them half price. It was easy to get a large order.

The funny part is that after my last 4 children wore them, they were in such good condition that I sold them on eBay for more than the original price! So consider them an investment.

I used prefolds inside the covers, but my friend bought a large bolt of white flannel at Walmart, and just serged it into squares that she folded into thirds.

BTW, all the towels and washcloths that I made lasted all 6 children and then went to my brother for his children. And I liked my homemade flannel receiving blankets that were 42" square...much larger than the storeboughts.

Thanks for a wonderful post, even if it is a trip down memory lane for me:-)


Wow - cool. I thought I was strange because I am unmarried and yet am interested in cloth diapering! Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone. :) I have also considered making diapers ahead of time, but gave up the idea because I don't think I have anywhere to store them. I really enjoyed reading through your post, though. If and when I am blessed with motherhood, I think I might come back to this post and make use of your info!

Katie barta

i am currently using cloth for my baby who is 7 months old. good for you getting it done now.

Courtney, Jer.33:3

Wow! I have also thought of using them with my own children. Have you had any youngster test them out yet? That would be a neat home business for you!

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