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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Wagner Family

It was a great day being with you. I got a lot of recipes planned from my Sue Gregg cookbooks for the year. Anna worked on the dishcloth from the yarn of my Mom's collection. And....we both got to enjoy a smoothie from the Vitamix! Yummmmmm! Thanks for having us~we love you all!


What fun! You'll have to invite me to come to one someday! ;)

Lecia Smith

I come to your blog often and read but I have never commented. I feel I just have to ask you for more information on your Ladies' Project Day. Some of the moms in our homeschool co-op group were discussing working together on projects and learning from each other just this past week. This looks like something our moms might really enjoy. Did you include the children? Did everyone bring their own project? Was it during the day or evening? A meal or refreshments? I would love to hear more details if you don't mind sharing.


Susan ~ hop on a plane and just head south! You're invited anytime! We'd love to have you. Spring is wonderful in Virginia. :)


Lecia ~ welcome! We love first-time commenters (and our regulars, too)! Yes, we always include the children in our Skills Days. We've had several months of Skills times (click on the additional links that Hannah included in the last line of her post to see others), and in the past it's always been a specific skill that is taught for the ladies and daughters. Yesterday afternoon when we met everyone brought their own project to work on because we are easing back into Skills Days after a few months break and no one taught a skill. Of course, with everyone doing something different it was great that everyone could see what everyone else was working on.

In the past, our Skills times have included either a lunch meal or some refreshments. Yesterday we served smoothies soon after families arrived in the afternoon.

Our families are all homeschoolers so I think your homeschool co-op would enjoy something like this. You can plan one day a month or every other month with someone teaching a specific skill OR just having a day of fellowship with all sorts of crafts. Or switch off and do both. The days have been great not only for new skills but also for forming closer friendships.

Thanks again for your comment and questions. Let us know if you end up doing something like this. Our next skill day will be soap-making via the West ladies video.


Let me know when you make soap...maybe my Sarah and I can drive up! :)

Lecia Smith


Thanks for the information. I think I will talk to the moms about doing a ladies project day. This will give us the chance to see what other ladies are doing and the skills they have. Perhaps this will lead to someone teaching a skill they have that others want to learn. Again, thanks for the taking the time to give me a little more info. I also live in Va. and we have homeschooled since my oldest was born, she is now 23. My youngest is almost 3 so I have a lot more years ahead of me.


What a fun idea. Just the other day a young lady at church was asking my eldest daughter to teach her to knit and crochet. I thought it would be a wonderful thing to gather a bunch of young ladies together and teach them various skills. I'll have to start praying about this and see what the Lord would have me to do. Thanks so much for sharing what your church ladies do. It looks like everyone had a great time of fellowship.


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