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Thursday, March 19, 2009



Thank you for the trip in the country in one of my favorite states! I just LOVE Virginia, anytime of the year! There's nothing like the green pastures and red buds blooming there! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures with us!


What a beautiful area. We only live about two hours from Harrisonburg. It is such a beautiful place, but I had no idea some of these great places were tucked away there! Thanks for sharing your day with us!


It was a nice trip!The bridge looked a bit scary to cross.

Still no job for Chris.


What beautiful scenery. Everytime I go to Virginia I find myselt gasping at the incredible views. You live in such a pretty place.
I didn't realize the Amish had church buildings. I always thought they had church in their homes.
Thanks for sharing the gorgeous views from your neck of the country.



What a wonderful day out! Thanks for sharing the pictures! We plan a trip up to your area sometime in the spring...we want to hike some trails on Skyline Drive. God's beauty is all around this state of ours!

Nick Jesch

What I enjoyed most was the clear blue sky. It was probably a bit on the nippy side, but not too cold, else Miss Hannah surely would have had more than her mid-weight sweater on, and the flowers surely would not have been outside in it. "Drives" like this make me more convinced that, before I settle on just WHERE I'll be moving, having a good look at the Shenandoah Valley area is a must. Knowing the area is populated with many of the older christian groups, as Mennonite and Amish, helps, as the communities surrounding them in general are peaceful and wholesome. They are an industrious lot with solid values, and some of the best neighbours anyone could hope to find. Thanks for the "country drive", and the reminder not all is as insane as California and Seattle.


Thank you for the drive in the country, Deb. Your pictures look like they were taken in my county about 10 years ago...before the navy barged in.

Victoria ~ don't confuse amish with mennonite...big difference. Our amish here in southern Maryland are called House Amish because they worship in homes. But our old order mennonites share a church building (half worship every other week). The eastern mennonites (called car mennonites) have a plain building for church and school.

Our amish fabric store stays dark in the winter, so we always make sure we take a flashlight. Even so...we've been known to get home and gasp when we see what we thought coordinated in the dark:-)


Thanks for the trip out in the country. I love the pictures of the greenhouse and the one lane bridges. All those flowers make we want to start digging in the dirt.
I wanted to thank you for joining my blog. Boy are you in for a ride. Also thanks for entering the Love Dare giveaway. I just love this book and think it will help everyone in their marriage and their walk with Christ.
Hope you have a blessed Thursday!

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