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Monday, March 30, 2009


Wagner Family

They are beautiful! Your friends should feel so special, Deb! Their faces say it all....

Remember, only five years away! ;-)


Deb, you totally amaze me! What a wonderful surprise to see Chris get hers; then, the trick to get me to your car to present me with mine! It is just so beautiful! I have it draped over the back of my sofa in my living room so I can look at it as I walk around the house all day. :) Your friendship has been such a source of encouragement and blessing to me over these past twelve years. Thank you, sweet friend. Love, Dorothy


One of those lovely quilts would make turning 50 worth it.:) I can see by the delighted looks on your friends faces that they loved their gifts, and they are both pretty young-looking 50 year-olds at that.Thanks for letting us see their beautiful gifts all completed.



The quilts are gorgeous.I am sure they will be treasued by both for a long time.

2 months from day is the big 50 for me.OUCH

Today is Allison's 18th birthday.


Those are gorgeous! You do such beautiful work!!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Lucky ladies to have a friend like you, Deb. The quilts are lovely.


Love them, Deb! I am disappointed too not to see the completed back! don't you hate it when you forget to take a picture?!

Courtney, Jer.33:3

Such a sweet idea! The quilts are soooooooo adorable!

P.S. I'll be 50 in 25 more years :)-


What great quilts. I love all the details. I hope that you had a blessed Monday! And good look on the 60 blocks!

Joanna Donahue

Hi Deb! Love the fabric collection for the quilts! Did you machine quilt that yourself or did you have it done??


Hi Joanna, yes, I did it myself. First time I've ever really tried to "quilt" even though I've made quilts before. I've usually tied them. But this was a new experience (which is why I told everyone not to look too closely!).

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments.


Hey Deb! :)
I have been running like crazy all day. (school with the kids, running Granny to the store, Laura to violin lessons, grocery shopping, errands for returns, revival and talking with the older kids as they all gathered back home:)....) I have a few "seconds" before my eyes criss-cross and I'm asleep....:) Yes!! The quilt is absolutely wonderful! Words fail me that would express all my thougths and emotions at recieving my special 50th celebration quilt...truely precious!! I thought today that the verse in John 15:13 kinda puts it into the right words : "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man (woman...:)) lay down his life for his friends". I KNOW all the time it took you, all the laying down of your life, time, energy... and the labor of love that went into such a project. But your love for others goes far beyond that, I know you pray for me, you have always had a listening ear and encouraging words, not to mention lots of time to spend sharing, laughing and "crafting" together. Thanks so much my dear sweet friend, my kindred spirit!! (((HUGS))) Chris

Connie W

The quilts are luscious! Love, love, love them. :D

Millie Kriel

Deb, the quilt is great. I love the bars with applique on top of it. Just a gorgeous quilt.


Wow! Such very generous gifts! I can only imagine how many hours you must have put in. Beautiful.

amy smart

What beautiful quilts! I love that pattern and I love what you did with it! Thanks for posting the link. :)

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