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Monday, March 02, 2009


Joanna Donahue

I know you all will have a great time meeting and playing with Ethan. We got 10 inches of snow here in Cumberland. The kids (and their Papa) have been having a blast! Look forward to seeing lots of pictures from Ethan's visit!


We got almost 3 inches of looks so pretty out in the woods here. It must be so exciting for you all! Have a wonderful time with that little sugar! :o)

Laura Wright

May I come and visit too? It looks just beautiful :) On this, our first day of autumn, I am wondering if this is the year we will see snow in Bowral (it has snowed here but that was back in the 80s). Hope you have a lovely week,
God Bless,


We have 3 inches of snow and haven't gone anywhere today.

Have fun with your company.I am sure we will many pictures of Ethan with his aunts,uncle and grandparents.


Ah, welcome to Granny's little Ethan. He's going to be one spoiled baby with grandparents, aunts and an uncle to cuddle him. Have a wonderful visit. Please show us some pictures. He was so cute at birth. I'm sure he's even more handsome now.



I am so glad to hear that your kids are coming for a visit! How wonderful to see the babe for the first time. I can imagine that he will be held and snuggled the WHOLE TIME he is visiting!



Oh, you are one blessed Granny to have that baby coming to see you! I hope you can share some pictures of him with us. Enjoy your time with your children . . . I know you'll do whatever it takes to get Ethan up that hill! :)


Oh, Deb, what an *exciting* week for the Girotti family!! I know you will enjoy visiting with Micah and Elizabeth and will smother those little baby cheeks with lots of kisses!

Off topic (sort of) - I'm waay behind commenting everywhere, but please pass on to Sarah that I was very impressed with her "diaper" project. She is so smart to tackle that NOW for her hope chest; time for that sort of project is such an issue once the babies start coming!

Hugs to you all ... have a wonderful week!


Oh my goodness, beautiful! Aren't you glad you don't have to go out? I am getting ready to drive in to school for a meeting this afternoon. I hear the roads have improved considerably since this morning. We've just gotten above freezing, and the sun is helping us out too. I'm a little afraid of the refreezing overnight though, since I have to be in to teach at 8 tomorrow.

Wish I could be there with you all. Give Ethan a hug and kiss from his great-aunt Bet!


What a beautiful picture! I'm so glad your grandson is coming for a visit. How very exciting! I hope your visit is a long and enjoyable one.


We got almost eight inches of snow here south of Roanoke. I can remember when this was a regular thing each winter, now it is a rare treat for the kids.

Have fun visiting that sweet little grandbaby!! Praying for safe travel for your son and his family.

Connie W

I hope there are no mishaps in their arrival on that steep hill! The snow does look so beautiful.


Now this is a switcheroo - we got 2 days of rain from that same storm system!

I hope Sarah is having fun in all that snow :)

Have fun with little Ethan - I can hardly wait to see pictures!


Deb, this is one of those rare snowstorms when southern Maryland actually got more snow than you! We got 15 inches, the highest in our county. Everything is just beautiful.

We are all excited for your family during this special reunion. I, too, look forward to pictures.

Enjoy grandparenting!


The sun is shining here and we're hoping you're having a great time with Ethan!! Enjoy lots of hugs and smiles!

Courtney, Jer.33:3

Have fun and take lots of pics of the baby!!
We got 6-9 in. of snow in our area here in GA. They said it was the biggest snow we had seen since 1993!!


Hooray! I've been hoping you could see him soon... have fun, Granny! xoxo


Thank you everyone so very much for your wonderful comments on this post. We had a great time with Ethan (and his parents, too!)during their visit to Virginia. He was ADORABLE!

Yes, we took tons of pictures--every combination imaginable--and tried to capture his every move! I am not kidding! :)
I soooo wish I could post a photo album of pictures, but for privacy reasons Ethan's parents have asked us not to. I am looking forward to doing some scrapbooking soon!

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