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Friday, June 26, 2009



Too funny. Well let's see if I can pass this test since I have done so poorly on the rest. I'm going to guess that breakfast #1 is Tom, #2 is Hannah, #3 is Sarah, # 4 is Deb and #5 is Jonathan.


Leslie From VA

The Wagner Family Guess:

#1 Mrs. Girotti/Deb
#2 Mr. Girotti/Tom
#3 Sarah
#4 Hannah
#5 Jonathan

Nick Jesch

Hey, I don't know how they did it, but the Wagner family was looking over my shoulder as I wrote down my guesses whilst studying the pictures. I had written exactly the same list before I opened the comments section and saw their guesses!! Either we're both haywire, or we've both got the Girotti family "pegged"..... hilarious! SO-- my list is #1 Mrs. Girotti, #2 Mr. Girotti, #3 Miss Sarah, #4, Miss Hannah, #5 Master Jonathan. I COULD explain why, but I'll decline... at least for now.


I must have missed the other post you're talking about, but I'll give this one a try - sounds like fun!

1. Deb
2. Tom
3. Hannah
4. Sarah
5. Jonathan

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Well, I just don't know, but they all look good, except for the chocolate pop tart. Eeewww.


#1 Deb
#2 Jonathan
#3 Sarah
#4 Hannah
#5 Tom

Well, how many did we guess right? I KNOW that peanut butter toast is Deb's!! :) Maybe I would change and say # 2 Tom and # 5 Jonathan..hummm this is hard!


Okay, let's see how I do with this one. You'd think I'd know this right off the bat, having lived with you. However; as you know, I'm not a morning person, and therefore not as observant at that hour of the day.
Take it easy, Toots


Okay, just for fun (and because I can't resist a game) ~

1- Tom
2- Deb
3- Hannah
4- Sarah
5- Jonathan

And, hey, no kidding, chocolate pop-tarts are good eating - all toasty and gooey - especially in the middle of the night! :o)


Deb is 2
Tom is 1
Jonathan is 5
Hannah is 3
Sarah is 4

I would enjoy any one of them except the Pop Tart! :)


Oh, my. I AM aging. I read your post yesterday (yes, I AM a faithful reader, but obviously, not a very smart one), and even AFTER I clicked on the pix, I thought that #1 was a pic of pancakes. When I read the answers, I clicked on the pix again, and brought my eyes closer to the computer. Yep, they're not pancakes!

I also began to feel guilty--reading
"homemade whole wheat bread" began to take a toll on my psyche. I mean, I eat whole wheat bread, but homemade??? Ah, but, then, I read what Jonathan eats...guilt absolved!

As an aside, I keep meaning to comment that I've read the book about Elizabeth Prentiss that is on your sidebar. I LOVED that book. You talk about a walk of faith. YIKES. Guilt--again.



Jonathan may not have lived in a college dorm or out on his own yet but he eats like one!Thankfully he drinks milk.I have been known to eat cinnamon Pop Tarts!

I am a cereal person.Gregory loves both choices of cereal chosen.


I thought number one was pancakes, too! I took a good look just a moment ago & can now see it is peanut butter toast! Cathy's comment hit a funny bone! LOL!


Woo-Hoo! So for winning do I get to be bad and have lemon-poppyseed muffins when I come to visit? I hope that will be sometime in the not too distant future. Toots

Nick Jesch

Well, getting two of them swapped isn't too bad. Jonathan's was the easy one.... college dorm food, indeed! Some time I just may have to pop round for one of those REAL breakfasts. Is it OK if I make the pancakes?

Jonathan Girotti

I find these anti-poptart comments to be offensive. Poptarts are quite possibly the most ingenious culinary invention!


Well...I think I picked the WRONG cup for my milk!! LOL! Did everyone think the cup said "deb" and assumed that #1 was my breakfast? Well, you were right, but the cup actually says, "deer" with a deer etched on the glass in place of the 2nd "e" in deer. Like I said, I picked the wrong cup this time! :)


My kids would agree with you Jonathan but us older folks say yuk.


Nick Jesch

Jonathan, have you ever read the ingredients list for Poptarts? Talk about offensive.....

and Deb, sometimes when mystery is afoot, one does one's persuers a great justice by leaving various misleading clues on the scene, the better to foil them with. Seems you may have inadvertently done this, and that it worked in at least some cases.
I was slightly taken astray by that cup, but in a different way. I never thought the lower case "de" was part of your name (D should have been capped, then, right?) but mistook the deer for a calf.... get it, "de- (calf)" but was certain YOU would be the one to suffer decaffeinated coffee, even in the morning. Being involved with coffee and tea as much as I am, I've seen all manner of plays on words relating to it all. Most are rather inane... as "de-(calf)" certainly would be.

all in all, a pretty hilarious "contest". Now if somehow, through this, Master Jonathan could have his dietary habits adjusted slightly...... Pop tarts, indeed!!


I have been a long-time reader and live in Australia. One day when I get to the US I'm going to invite myself over for breakfast and I'll be expected that French Toast! :)


Hello Girottis
I thought number 1 was pancakes as well!
your post was very clever.


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