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Sunday, June 07, 2009


Chris O'Dorisio

AWWW... Deb I wish so badly we could be there with you all! What a sweet time of fellowship! thanks for the far so good getting one in everyday! :)

Leslie From VA

We always enjoy the teaching and the fellowship with our family--YOU ALL! We are truly blessed to be a part of SVHF.

BTW, what a great picture of Tom and Hannah!


Thanks so much for posting this Deb. You all are so blessed to be part of such a good fellowship. Do you have communion every week? My husband strongly believes in that but we haven't been able to find a like-minded church that does.
Thanks again for sharing this very encouraging post.


Mommy of two little blessings

I enjoy seeing how you all do your home church. It's both inspiring and encouraging. I really enjoy checking in on you all. I know you all are quite busy with crafts, keeping home, preparing hope chests, and keeping up with family and friends...checking your blog regularly makes me 'feel' like I am part of your circle of aquaintances. We have e-mailed back and forth a little so you hopefully this makes sence. *smile* Any ways, the updates on your family and friends visits are most welcome, and the crafts and home making in their time as well. *smile* I just thank you for keeping up with your blog. I wish you all the best in your blog-o-thon this month. Remember when you did a color thing? That was pretty neat. *smile* Blessings.-me-(Mommy of two little blessings)


I almost got tired after reading your post.Sounds exciting and special for everyone involved.

Leigha Wood

Much love and Many Blessings to our sweet friends...we are doing well...just waiting for our sweet baby girl to arrive. She should be here in the next few weeks!! Send our love to everyone. We'll send you pictures when she comes!!


Hi Vicky, I'm just remembering that I was going to answer your question in the comment section in addition to the email I sent you in case other folks had the same question.

Yes, we do have communion each Sunday. The host family makes the one loaf each week for each dad to break off for his family and share. The host family also supplies the juice that we share.

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