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Tuesday, September 01, 2009



That is one beautiful Yellow Rose of Texas! Hope is does well in the transplant.


Nice picture.How exciting about your mom.Less traveling for everyone.


What a pretty bush and great view from your window! I'm sure you'll find a good spot for your special bush. I think your mom will really enjoy looking at all the beautiful scenery around your place.



What a great view!!


It will be so nice for you all to have your mom come live with you.

Your yellow roses are so pretty! Make sure you move them to a spot where you can still view them from a window :)

(I'm casting my vote with coming to PEI for the big 30th - I think you'd love it here)


Perfect view with the lovely yellow rose! Beautiful! I hope everything moves okay. Jean

Sue Jackson

Wow, what beautiful yellow roses and a view to match! Take care, Sue

Connie W

I love the view!


My! What a view! I would say this Yellow Rose of Texas really likes living with you!

Chris and Laurie

You sure have a very pretty view.

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