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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


amanda p. wu

I've never tried a cantaloupe smoothie . . . but it sounds wonderful!

Nick Jesch

I've never used cantaloupe for smoothies... when they are ripe, they get eaten whole long before the thought of smoothies ever crosses my mind. They don't do well in these parts, not enough summer heat. Dad's folks ran a melon ranch in rural eastern Nevada, and I guess I got spoiled with an abundance of the best of the best. It is SO frustrating, when I see them in the markets I'll often go and check them out.... hard, no smell, and rarely a full-slip stem end, seeds never rattle.... so I leave them there. Sigh.

I am glad to know you can grow them there, and that you enjoy them. I can imagine having them stocked in the freezer, just waiting to pop into the blender for a tasty one.....


I never knew you could freeze cantelope. Learn something new everyday. I often freeze cut up green peppers from my garden as well as tomatoes but had never thought much beyond that. Thanks for the tip.



Yes!! We love cantaloup in our smoothies. Have you ever made a cantaloup pie? That is delicious! If you can't find a recipe, let me know and I'll give you mine. What do you use to make smoothies ~ a processor, blender or juicer?

Our freezer is packed full of our butchered chickens and $1/lb ground beef...but I wish we had room to shove some cantaloup.


This I plan on trying!


I remember you all bringing cantaloupes to church several years ago. We still remember how yummy they were!!


Hi Deb!

Thanks for stopping by and being apart of my giveaway. I love cantaloup is it one of my favorites! I have never had a smoothie with cantaloup, I will have to try it... sounds delicious.


Since I was curious as to what a cantaloupe pie would contain, I searched and found one that sounded delicious! You cook the cantaloupe, mash it and bake it in a custard type pie. Take a peak at the website, and please let me know if you try it! Happy Labor Day Weekend! :-)

Nick Jesch

Hmmmm... mention of a cantaloupe pie is interesting.... and makes me think making a cantaloupe butter, similar to a plum butter (but sans cinnamon) would be worth trying... or maybe make it sort of like pear honey. I do believe, next to mangos, cantaloupe is my favourite flavour of fruit......

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