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Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Oh Deb, How sweet! You are the best granny ever! :) Hey did you make the cloth pumpkin? I have been itching to do a few of those, BTW did you see the pumpkin pattern on Fresh Figs web site? I think some of the fabric may be Mill House? Very cute!


What a thoughtful grandma. I'm sure your little grandson will enjoy his special books from his grandparents.



I love that pumpkin patch parable book! You are a sweet granny, for sure! :-) That little fella will love them. The cool weather arrived this morning here & it feels like fall now.


That will be a welcome gift for sure!


PS - maybe you should record yourself reading it - then he'll get to know nana's voice!


That is such a great idea from Islandsparrow! With Jonathan's expertise in the recording area...that should be an easy thing to do. How fun to think of the sweet little "punkin" listening as you read. :-)


You are such a neat granny!

Mommy of two little blessings

We have the pumpkin one and the kids love it! Great harvest book. What a fun thing to get as a gift, a book to enjoy for years. Blessings.-me-(Mommy of two little blessings)


My grandchildren live 1,000 miles away and I do the same thing as finances permit. I'm always looking for books for them.

When the oldest (Elizabeth, who is now seven) was born, I had a little more money to purchase items for her so I started buying my favorite Brambly Hedge books used on Amazon to send to her.

The books given specifically to each child is in their own little library. But most of the books I send is for all of them.

I've found through the years that having the books there from Granddad and Grammie.

Elisabeth is now enjoying cookbooks with pretty pictures. :)

You are such a GREAT Grammie already. Isn't it fun?


Oh, my goodness. I want to be a grammie like you when I grow up! These are too sweet. I'm going to try to find both of these for my Eliana and G! (((hugs)))

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