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Thursday, September 17, 2009



I'm so glad for your mom. I'll be praying that offer will go through, and she can begin making preparations to move.
I've read the Hospitality Commands book many times. It is an excellent book and a good reminder of an important aspect of the Christian life. Hope you have a good weekend.



Mmm...Pineapple Casserole is yummy! It's been a while since I've had it, but I remember it being tasty!


AWWW Deb! You are so sweet! I have been crazy busy these last 2 weeks for the wedding. Today we had a sweet luncheon at Daniel and Lindsey's home hosted by Lindsey and her Mom for Stacey and the girls of the wedding. It was the perfect wind down before the big 2 days of cooking, decortating and getting all the last minute details completed. Tomorrow we will host about 50 folks here for the rehearsal dinner in our back yard. PRAY FOR NO RAIN!:) I am finalizing the last bridesmaid dress (just took a break to check your blog :)) . Then its to the kitchen to prepare for tomorrow's big day. Saw the wonky block idea on crazymomquilts but knew I just couldn't get to it. Have fun! I'll call later next week to hear all the happenings about your mom's move and the great addition! I love you sweet friend!! BTW, that picture of a special little boys hands made me smile so big!


That was fast about your mom's house.I have seen houses in our neighborhood be for sale for a year.A couple even turned into rentals because of not selling.

I love pineapple casserole.I first had it when we lived in Prattville,Alabama.

The Boy Scouts are going on a hiking camp out this weekend.They will be south of Greensboro.

I can remember when Micah was born and still can't believe that he is a parent himself!Too bad you can't make it to the wedding.The memories of going to church on Harpersville Road.

Look forward to more pictures of your new addition.


I love watching construction...I guess because my Dad and brothers are in the business. I, too, will be praying for the sale of your Mom's home. The pineapple casserole sounds fascinating.

Recently we tried making the popular kale chips that are popular on the web. Ours were a total flop. Have you tried them?

We also recently discovered Hannah's blog (I know, some people are slow!) What wonderful pictures! So professional. Of course, the baby pics are our favorite.

I just ordered my copy of The Hospitality Commands. I figured with 5 daughters it is a good investment.

Tonight we're having our first bonfire for the excited! Enjoy your weekend.

Nurit - 1 family. friendly. food.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend.
I always wish I could stay in the warm bed and read a book on a gray rainy day. Hopefully when my kids grow up :)

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