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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Aunt Bet

Yummy, Hannah! I use a Foley Food Mill that I ordered from Amazon. It works great.

Jean Sheards

Hannah, I use a Squeezo food mill (mine was called Mr. Squeezo when my parents bought me one 35 yrs. ago.). I checked on the internet and they are still available - a little pricey, but I like using it for applesauce, etc. because you don't have to peel the apples - it separates the skins and seeds and leaves a smooth sauce for canning. Just wash the apples, or whatever you are want of a smooth consistency, cook them until tender, and then run them through the mill. We recently canned 32 qts. of applesauce in Oct. and it took Bob, Kendra & me no time to get it all done.
Hope this helps!
Jean Sheard


What a blessing you are to your family! You provide so many healthy, delicious foods for them to enjoy! I finished my jar of your Autumn Olive Jelly just last month. It was so yummy! You remind me of the Proverbs 31 woman, faithfully caring for her family.


I have a Victorio Food Mill. They are about $70. It's nice because you cook the apples quartered, throw them in the top, crank the handle and "voila!" applesauce! :)


I, too, have a Victorio strainer and love it. If you look at my blog ([email protected]) under "apples" I have a pictorial about making applesauce. You can also get an insert (they call them screens) for making pureed squash or pumpkin. It strains out some of the inedible fibrous material. You can use the strainer for making tomato juice too.


I have to vote for the Victorio Strainer too. You can whip applesauce in a jiffy, and simple to use. Looks like you have been very busy in the kitchen. That olive-autumn jam sounds really interesting.


Courtney, Jer.33:3

What recipes did you use for your apple things? They sound really good!


Thanks, Aunt Bet, Mrs. Sheard, Dorothy, Tammy, Becka, and
Victoria, for taking the time to comment and give your
recommendations. The Victorio seems popular! I was interested to
hear your experiences as I consider different models.

Courtney, I didn't really use an official recipe: I looked at several to get an idea, then went with what I had. I removed the seeds(leaving most of the core) and sliced about 1/2 bushel of apples into chunks. Added a bit of water and cooked them down til soft, which didn't take long. Then processed in batches in the blender just so the skins were not noticeable(as much), but not until too liquidy. Returned to pot and added maybe a cup of honey and some cinnamon. Kept hot until canned 7 quarts. Used remaining sauce and added more cinnamon, bit more sugar, splash of apple cider vinegar, some salt. Cooked down by half, which made about 6 pints of apple butter.

Thanks for asking! See my aunt's blog for a good recipe for potted apples where you bake them and don't have to stand over the stove stirring. :)


That apple butter looks delicious!

Linda Murphy

I'm glad you asked the question about a food mill. I've been wondering also what is a good one. I've heard of the Sqeezo before but the Victorio I haven't. This gives me something to put on my wish-list.

Questions: Do you have any plans to harvest your oats? If so, how would you do that? Do oats return nutrients into the soil?

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