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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Linda Murphy

Yippee, I'm the first to comment! That's the bonus of being on the Left Coast.

Hi, I'm Linda Murphy from Ferndale, Washington. We can see Canada from our north windows.

I'm looking forward to moving to Virginia and being close to the Girotti family! I'm also looking forward to working on Buxton Farm with my husband, Joe, who will be home full-time, and with our seven wonderful children.

My favorite thing that happened last year was the birth of our seventh child, Peter. It was extra special because Joe delivered him (we planned it that way :) ).

PS. Happy Birthday Tom!


Hi! I'm Dorothy from Yorktown, Virginia. I love reading Mountain Musings because I can keep up to date with what is going on at my friend's house!

This year, I look forward to the success of my husband's treatment for multiple myeloma. We will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary with a trip to a bed & breakfast in the mountains in October. And our oldest son will marry a sweet lady in June in Idaho!

My favorite thing about this year was the fact that we spent it back in Virginia! What a blessing to be with family and friends that love and encourage us greatly!

Happy Birthday, Tom & Mountain Musings!

Love you guys! Dorothy (Psalm 63:1-8)


Well, you know me . . . Susan from beautiful North Vancouver, BC, Canada!

One of the things I'm looking forward to this year is the celebration of our church's 5th anniversary. My favorite thing from this year was the cruise my husband and I took to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Seems we like anniversaries, huh?!

Happy Birthday to Tom, and keep Mountain Musings coming! I sure enjoy reading!

Leslie From VA

Hi Girotti family!
I am Leslie from the Shenandoah Valley!

One of the things we are looking forward to as a family in 2010 is a trip to Colorado! It will be the first time our children have flown!
My favorite thing to remember from 2009 is a camping trip we took as a family in the mountains!

Happy Birthday, Tom!
Happy Birthday, Mountain Musings!



I'm Jenny and I live out in Halifax, Virginia.

This year we our looking forward to our 10th wedding anniversary! We're also looking forward to seeing our children grow this year. These are the years when they seem to grow so quickly in a year.

Last year our favorite thing was an incident of God's enormous blessings when we acted on faith.

We've 2 birthdays at our house this week!

Happy Birthday Tom!


Hi there Deb - it's Kathie from Prince Edward Island. Congratulations on 5 wonderful years of blogging! I love coming here to catch up on all your sweet family celebrations and happenings, your faith-filled words so warmly expressed, the beautiful quilting and crafty things, yummy recipes and especially your gorgeous mountain views as we have no mountains on PEI.

My favourite event this year was the wedding of our youngest boy to our sweet daughter by love. I'm looking forward to another wedding - not announced yet - but in the works!

Happy birthday Tom - my beloved and I are celebrating today too - 33 years of wedded bliss :)

amanda p wu

Happy Birthday MM from Taiwan!

I'm looking forward to hoping for a pregnancy--it might not happen, but it is our hope. And, I guess my favorite thing from this past year was celebrating our first anniversary!! :)


I'm Melissa from Hampton Roads, VA... I noticed there's someone from PEI-- I lived there for 10 years :)

We're looking forward to the arrival of our second child in June! Not quite in the last year, but I guess the favourite thing that happened just over a year ago now was the birth of our first (last November). :) It's been quite a year of adventures with her, and it's only going to get better with a second one, lol!


Hello from Wake Forest,NC!

We are looking forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary.

ALso maybe 2010 will be the year that Chris is gainfully employed for a full year.

Happy Birthday Tom!


I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments...I made a note to myself to come back and read any additional comments.

I am Kathie from southern Maryland, and my favorite event this past year has been all the many times that our family sings together. We've sung at churches, a vet home, and gatherings. Mike and I prayed for our children to have the gift of music...and what an answer to prayer...besides being so much fun!

I look forward to Maggie being healed this year. She will turn 20 in March...about the time her dr thinks she will be significantly improved if not healed. PTL!

Thanks so much for your blog, Deb. Three years ago I was a lonely homemaker who thought there wasn't a kindred spirit in the world. What a lifeline! Thank you for taking the time to write those 1400 posts.


Kris from western Nebraska...I enjoy your blog because you celebrate the important things in life. :)


Happy Birthday Tom!!!
I Victoria from northeastern Georgia. In 2010, I'm looking forward to our eldest son taking his final CPA exam and seeing our second eldest son graduate from college and our eldest daughter graduate from our homeschool high school. This past year my favorite memory was our fall trip to Williamsburg, VA. I also have to mention that this year was also special because I found the Mountain Musings website and have really enjoyed getting to 'know' your wonderful family. Congratulations on your blog anniversary and may the Lord bless you with many, many more years of blogging.



Hello Girotti family! Thanks for sharing your lives with us via your blog.

I am Sherrin and I live in Tasmania, Australia.

My favourite thing in the last year has been seeing my husband become a Daddy. Next year I am looking forward to hearing my baby learn to sing God's praises. God willing he will have at least enough words by the end of next year to sing a simple song, but we'll see!


Happy Birthday to Tom
Happy Blogiversary to all!!

I'm Jane from Kentucky.

Last year's highlight was my husband's 35th year as Pastor and our 38th wedding anniversary. He is absolutely my best friend! I'm looking forward to enjoying my family everyday in 2010.

Reading your blog has been like visiting with friends and family. Thanks for the visits of 2009.


Happy Blogiversary! :) How fun! (And Happy Birthday too!)

I'm Morgan from the beautiful Commonwealth of Kentucky. (It's beautiful even though it's a rainy dreary day here today. :) )

Hmm...a favorite thing from last year? That's too hard. :) One thing would have to be that I got more paintings done in '09 than ever before. That's a definite highlight. :)

Thanks for the fun blog!


Happy Blogiversary to the Girotti's!

I'm Jodi from Tennessee.

What I'm looking forward to? Hmm - well JR and I will celebrate 24 years of marriage in January, and the children reach milestones quicker than I can blink. Of course, I'm never sure what to expect around the next corner. Isn't that the great thing about the Lord ... He just loves to surprise us!

Speaking of which ... last year's best blessing was our little Miss Megan! She's been nine months of pure joy. :o)

I agree with Jane, reading your blog is like a visit with old friends. I hold out hope that one day our paths will cross in person.

Birthday Greetings to Tom, and blessings to you all!

Mommy of two little blessings

Happy blogging anniversary. Glad you all have been enjoying your time here in "blog land". *smile* I have been enjoying reading what you all are up to and have gained some encouragement from Deb, thank you. *smile*

I had to take a look back and saw some tasty treats by you sister, Deb as well as some yummy goodies made by Sara. Good job ladies. The quilt was beautiful, maybe it could find its way to my home. *smile* It would get some use here. *smile/wink* The Happy Birthday Jesus ornament is lovely. Thank you for sharing so much. Sorry I missed them when you first posted them. *smile*

I hope your new calandar year is full of growth in the Lord and that as you grow you will see more and more of the Lord's many blessings all around you. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings


My name is Dawn and I am from western NY state!
(but you knew that)
I am looking forward to a new grandbaby in May.
Happy blogiversary!


Carrie here from Alaska.

I like your blog because it's so eclectic and explicitly Christ-honoring. I love to sew as well.

This past year has been rather uneventful, be we have enjoyed several trips to beautiful Denali. This year, hmmm. Uneventful would be good, and I'd like to see progress in holiness/maturity in myself and our children.

Connie W

I'm Connie from Indiana and have been a reader for a long, long time, and am happy that you blog. Congrats on the milestone. One of the big milestones of '09 was the addition of our grandchild Elaina in July. God bless and keep you all. xo


Hi girls, I'm a relatively new reader from Australia. If you can find Wollongong on a map (just south of Sydney in NSW) that's where we are.

We had a big year moving premises for our tiny art business last year. This year I'm looking forward to improving my sewing, preserving more and being more self-sufficient.

I love the 'tone' of your blog, its focus on domestic issues and the resulting peacefulness. Best wishes from Rose.

Gail Owen

I am Gail from Williamsburg. I actually started reading your blog when I started working at WRL. A co-worker used to say "I wonder how Micah is doing..." and I used it as a good way to say "You should check his mom's blog" because I knew that it would be interesting and the truth of the gospel would be there. From time to time, she actually found tidbits about Micah. Before long, I found I was hooked and she was resigned to the fact that she will never see Micah's offspring. 8^) While it is necessary for me to work part-time at the moment, my heart is always at home and your site brings great encouragement. It is good to enjoy the company of kindred spirits. Col.1:3-6

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