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Monday, January 18, 2010



Well I'm in on Rachael's quilt along! :) Going to use reds, white, aqua and yellow. (R & W for one, red and yellow for one and R& A for another. I'm gona try to make 5 quilts all at once...yes I AM CRAZY!!!). I really like your choice of blues, and the verna layer cake is so cute! Boy Deb, you are going to be one busy lady aren't you? Can't wait to see all your projects.


You're going to be quite busy with the machine! I saw Randi's quilt-along, and it looked like fun.


I saw the one at p.s. i quilt when she announced she was going to do it, but I am SO intimidated about choosing the fabrics and then the quilting that I'm just plain scared to commit to it! I did do some looking around on Etsy for a layer cake I liked, and I think I know which one I'd choose if I decided to join in. I'll have to check out the other two also; I'm still building my quilt blog list! ;) And you're helping a lot! LOL

I'm excited to see what you create!


I just joined the Thimbleberries block of the month club at my local fabric store. Although I may join Randi yet...I made her first quilt tutorial several years ago and had a good time.


Love the colors, Deb! Maybe I'll try one of these quilting things when I finish John's scrapbook and after I start my watercolor painting lessons. =-)


I took the time to browse through all the websites...what fun! You will certainly be busy sewing. Do you ever set your sewing machine out on the porch to sew?

As usual, I like the fabrics you have chosen. Thanks for the quilting inspiration!


I love your brown and blues! Beautiful! I was tempted to join I Have to Say's quilt-along, but I'm starting to learn my limits. With 2 littles to homeschool. . .

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