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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Connie W

We're located at the northern edge of the snow and we have a slight dusting and cold temps. I'm glad we didn't get the deep stuff but it's much prettier to gaze at. :) Enjoy your sewing. I hope to sew some blocks today too.



It looks like you are having a lovely Sat.all snowed in! We are supposed to have a sunny AZ winter day! ;o) I love your quilt fabrics.

I grew up not to far from the Snake river Canyon. I have spent many hours playing in the Snake River. I can't to see pictures!

Love, Heather


OOps! That was supposed to be can't wait to see pictures! ;o)

Love, Heather


We've got 4 or 5 inches, and it's still snowing like crazy! They are predicting over a foot here. Poor Rob has to work the midnight shift all weekend. The kids are loving it, though!


We played out in the snow earlier today.6 inches fell.I am cutting coupons that the Ladies American Legion Auxiliary sends to families in Germany.

Brenda Snow Perdue

Hi Deb,We have about 11and one half inches of snow here in Lynchburg. Michael had to go out and make a place for Sadie to go out and do her business. I did get to make some snow cream and it was soooooooooo good. Take care and tell all hello for me. Is Mill still with Betty?


No snow here in Georgia - just rain. My daughters and I spent the weekend at a Mother/Daughter Conference and Tea with author Stacy McDonald and her daughter Tiffany. It was definitely the best conference I've ever attended.
I'll be praying for a safe travel for your son.



Sherrin Drew

What a lovely cosy Saturday :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog, Deb! I also would never have tasted sauerkraut if I hadn't been tempted to make it myself . . . and now I don't even now if mine tastes like proper sauerkraut! I might have to buy some to check!

This weekend we visited my brother and his wife to say goodbye, as he is going to Canada for a couple of years. We've also been loving our garden. Our weather is beautiful, as we're having a lovely warm summer.


I can't wait to see your figgy pudding quilt! please post pics on the flickr group when they're ready!


Hi Deb,

Ouch! So sorry to hear that you fell in the snow although the bath Hannah prepared looked gorgeous.
It's been a muggy humid weekend here, I'm just off to work on Tuesday morning.
Your quilting photos are great. I must email you about quilting -- I'm a backward beginner sewer and wonder if it could be in my future.

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