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Wednesday, January 20, 2010



I would keep it. Although I am very sentimental about that kind of thing.

Connie W

Before selling you could try a little research to see if you can determine its age. A different shade might change the look too. Sometimes these decisions can be a real struggle. We have some family things that aren't so pretty but they do have sentimental value so we have kept them.

Leslie From VA

I was missing you this morning, so I had my second cup of coffee and decided to stop by for a visit. ((hug))

Deb, I can hear you saying to the girls, "Your great-grandmother gave this lamp to your grandmother 60 years ago! Don't you want it? Should we really sell it??" Hmmmm, with the love you have for your family heritage/antiques and the uncertainty of selling it, I'd say hold onto it a little longer. Put it in the guest room for a while and then place a time limit on deciding yes or no. How about the first day of spring being the go or stay day?

Miss you and a big hello to everyone!


I don't keep anything I don't use or enjoy. My hubby...doesn't throw anything away! We have something in our garage that takes up significant space that isn't worth anything...but Mike's grandfather made it. It's ugly, unfinished, and totally useless. I don't understand the bondage it causes.

Do you already have momentos of your grandparents? Then don't bother yourself over something you don't like.

Sell it on eBay...240 million members strong.

I think it is a beautiful lamp...someone has to want it. Aren't you sorry you asked for my opinion?!


Well maybe my tastes are a bit different but I like the lamp. I would keep it.



The lamp is very pretty but if none of you really want it, by all means don't feel pressured to keep it! But then I'm the one who is constantly going through closets and rooms getting rid of stuff! :)

You might try selling on ebay. Just make sure the shipping you charge is high enough!

Anita Kilpatrick

Oh, I love it!!!
I would say keeper. I look for lamps like this ALL the time, but they never cross my path! With the family history I would keep it!!!

Anita Kilpatrick


Have you ever watched HOARDERS on A and E?
Learning to let go of things is important....even stuff with family history. YIKES---don't sweat this one and pitch it. No one will be mad at you--and I say this with much respect and love. Bye Bye yellow lamp


Thank you to everyone so far who has weighed in with your opinion. I need to hear more thoughts so please don't hesitate to have your say.

Thank you, Ann, for writing your perspective on selling. No, I haven't watched Hoarders (no tv), but my sister has told me about it and said watching it would literally make me WANT to throw stuff away!!! I loved your last line and chuckled...bye bye yellow lamp! We'll see what happens! :)


Since there is very little in our family to hand down or receive from the past generations,I would say Keep it!

Interesting though that after trying to sell it nobody wants it.


That is SO me. I am one of those people who always wants to keep stuff after somebody else wants/thinks of buying it. :)

Our idea (mine and mom's) is that you should definitely keep it. Get a good picture, have your mom validate the "story" of when she got it, etc. and put that with the photo. Then paint the the lamp black and accesorize the lampshade with yellow. (I think yellow and white gingham ribbon would be adorable!) Then somehow fix the picture/note to the bottom or somewhere where it won't get lost, and then years from now your Grandkids can paint it again to match their houses. :)

Brenda Snow Perdue

Deb, I love the lamp. I think you should keep it. Anything from Mill I would love.


Keep it! Keep it! Keep it! I could NEVER part with it, simply because of the sentiment behind it! What a sweet story behind it!!


I would definitely keep it. The only thing you lose by keeping it is a little space somewhere, whether you choose to display it or just pack it away somewhere. However, you will lose a lot if you give it up and then regret it.


I say don't decide yet. Put it in your guest room and think on it a while so when you do decide it will be without regrets!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Well, I'd definitely keep it. But if you decide to sell it, please please please sell it to me.


Funny, I think the lamp is pretty! I would keep it just because I liked it.


I think the lamp is adorable. It would be so cute in a little girl's room. Just add some pretty beaded fringe to the bottom edge of the lampshade (or find one that has it already).

My two cents,


I'm curious what you end up deciding :)


My sentimental self would never sell it, but I guess that's why my attic's full.

Joan Fraley

I would keep it. I have a lamp (well, my Dad will tell you it's his) that I've had for probably 20 years that belonged to one of Dad's sisters. I have another that I bought from my cousin's yard sale that belonged to another of Dad's sisters. The first is a beautiful china lamp with 24 ct. gold trim and the second is a crystal lamp. Really don't know anything about the value of each, just love them for the previous owners.

Before one of my dad's brothers passed, my uncle told my dad that he wanted me to have a framed photo of my grandparents. Upon close examination, it's not a photo at all, but was hand painted, probably from a photo. To me, it's priceless - my grandparents were born in the late 1800s. I love all of the old family "heirlooms.


It is not my taste, but I think in the situation I would keep it.... though I would get a nice modern drum shade (like the ones from restoration hardware) and the contrast in styles would make it more hip/ecletic and probably more fitting in various rooms.

I am cleaning thru the closet where I have many our wedding gifts, and have the same is hard...not to keep too much but not to be so wasteful, throw happy as to be disrespectful...we just have too much stuff these days!


The lamp is a beautiful harloom with deep meaning in it's history. Perhaps if you do decide to part with lamp your daughter-in-law may wish to aquire this family harloom.

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