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Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Love the brown and blue color combo On The Road quilt ... I think I may make mine bigger too ... can't wait to see all the finished tops! BTW, really like the fabric in your Simple Squares quilt-along.


All that snow out east, and not a bit out here ... where the Winter Olympics start in two days! LOL We are laughing over God's sense of humor. Wes said we put in the order for snow in BC, but it got mixed up and went to DC instead! ;)

I am already behind on the Road to Spring quilt-along. Can you believe it? We were too busy last week for me to cut my pieces, so I have to do them this week. I had a big Etsy order come through over the weekend and I got that shipped off today, so now maybe I can relax and get some cutting and sewing done. I've been practicing my knitting at night, and getting better, but not great at it by any means.

Your RTS quilt top looks great - love the blue and brown! And I really, really like that Simple Squares quilt!!! I may have to go back and do that one once I get the Spring one done.

Connie W

Pretty bed, pretty quilts, and yes, pretty snow. We have only a few inches but the wind is blowing it around and it feels SO cold today. I was going to bake a red velvet cake until I realized I forgot to buy the red food coloring, duh... I may decide to make a cake mix I've had on the shelf, but it's not the same thing! I'm thinking also of making fettucine for supper, quick and easy but o-so-yummy.

Mommy of two little blessings

Those are gorgious! If you find that you don't have room in your home for those quilts, my house has PLENTY of room. Great job! *smile*

Travel safe in all that winter weather! Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings

Anita Kilpatrick

Looks cozy at your house! I love the quilts!!!!! The colors would look great in any room!



Even though it's not fun to have to trudge through, I do think all that snow is so pretty.
The quilts are gorgeous. I'm curious as to how many you have made since you learned how to do it?



Love your road to spring! Those colors are great (mine is brown and blue too!). It looks ready to go all streached out on the bed.


Hi girls,

I continue to enjoy your Project 365 and photos within the blog.

Did you hear that our new Ambassador to the US, Kim Beazley, fell on the ice in Washington DC? Poor man needs both knees operated on and he hasn't even presented his credentials yet!

Warm wishes, Rose


What beautiful quilts! I've been looking at your quilts for inspiration as I'm thinking about making a quilt with some fabric scraps that just came in the mail. I haven't made a "real" quilt before, so we'll see how it goes!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Lovely quilts.

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