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Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Beautiful quilts! One day I really want to try this.

Things are very lonely here in SC. Barney hasn't forgiven Granny for leaving him yet.


Welcome back! What beautiful quilts. The girls did a great job keeping up the blog while you were taking a break.
Glad to hear Granny is back. I know y'all missed her.



I need to take your lead and reintroduce myself to my blog readers; it's been very sporadic lately.

I'm loving your quilts! Love love love Verna in the pinwheel quilt. I'm stuck on my Road to Spring at the quilting. I need to get a darning foot to go on my machine (will do that tomorrow when I go to a dr. appt. that is close to the Singer sewing center), and then I have to practice that free-motion quilting a bit before I start on my quilt. I do love my top, though! I think we're going to use his quilt a lot, and I'm considering making another one like using denim for the small squares and various scraps for the rectangles. And I think I've become slightly interested in these more modern quilt designs - they're so easy and quick to throw together. I still want to make a traditional quilt, but these modern ones are lots of fun!

Ok, didn't mean to write a book in your comments. So glad Granny is back home with you! I'm going to have to come meet her someday. Maybe next year? We're planning to take a furlough, Lord willing!

Leslie From VA

Looks great, Deb! You are working so hard!

Hello to Granny from Anna!


Beautiful work, Deb! :-) Glad you are back to blogging! I missed you.


Nice to see your name again Deb! I can see that you've been busy with your beautiful quilting! Welcome back to Granny too :)


Lovely work Deb, great to see you back on board. How nice that Granny is back, say hi to her for me.


Glad you are back!~ We have all missed you. The girls did a great job in your absence, love the Elderberry post! Say hello to your mom for me. Hugs to all!!


Awesome! I can't wait to see the finished products.

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