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Monday, June 28, 2010



Hi Debs, You must have had a superb day out! Lots to see, lots to smell, and lots to eat! Lavender icecream sounds very interesting. I can't understand why the Lavender didn't make it home with you! I think growing herbs is such a rewarding and enjoyable gardening experience. The different textures, scents and flavours - isn't our God just amazing?
I had just had a lovely thought Debs, although we are thousands of miles away, one bright day we shall meet!
Blessings, Val <><


I love the smell of lavender. I have some lavender lotion but not quite the same as the real stuff. :)
What a pretty picture of Hannah in that first shot. Thanks for sharing your visit. Hope you are doing well.



I loved reading this post! What a fun day. I scrolled thru the pics several times. And what delicious food!

I was surprised to see lavender on the menu. I thought we were supposed to avoid that because of the estrogen content. Was the ice cream good? I would've enjoyed the herb butters/cream cheese.

Deb, I've seen inexpensive planters like that at Ross stores. Do you have those in your area?

It's so good to see you are up and about and sounding so chipper. Thanks for letting me go with you to the Herb Farm (via your blog!).


Oops ~ I forgot to mention that I like Hannah's floral skirt! With her lavender-colored shirt and floral skirt, Hannah sure was perfectly dressed for this trip!


wow, what a great outing! the food pictures made my mouth water :)

custom seamstress

It looks like a wonderful time!

vicki Boster

Deb - oh my gosh where have I been that I did not know that you had surgery! I am such a terrible friend! Is it too late - my prayers are with you starting right now! I so so hope that you are on your way to getting better!

This is a beautiful post - the photos are lovely! I would so enjoy a day spent here!


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