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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Angelina Fracchiolla

What a beautiful Quilt..I made one similar about 3 yrs ago and presented it to my parents on Christmas..I will have to try to get a photo of that and share it with you..I am happy to hear you all had a wonderful trip..We just signed papers today for the offer on the home so Lord willing we will hear something back soon..Clete also passed his certification test and now has to take one more...Oh I also like the diaper post..we cloth diaper..but I must admit I bought all of mine ( to lazy to sew them myself ) we use 3 different kind..Bum Genius, Fuzzi Bunz and Green Sprout..You did a great job in the making of ALL those diapers. ( I believe it was Sarah )

Many Blessings

Lisa Q

Oh, how simply beautiful! They did a wonderful job; what a proud mama you must be.

Happy 30th Anniversary!

Lisa Q


You and Tom must be so proud of your delightful, clever and grateful children. The quilt is just beautiful.


Love this! Good work, Hannah, Jonathan and Sarah! Can't wait to see it in person.

Leslie From VA

A round of applause to Hannah and Sarah!!!! is beautiful!

The fun thing is that you actually surprised your Mom!!!! :-)


Beautiful! What a sweet gift, the thought that went into it and the hard work...soooo special. I agree with Leslie from Va, surprising Deb was fun! :) Hannah, Jonathan and Sarah, how many tears did your mom shed? :) You kids are truely a blessing to your parents. Again, a very thoughtful gift.


What a wonderful example you have been to your children. That spills over in this beautiful tribute to your marriage.

I stumbled upon your blog today...and can't wait to follow along.

We homeschool as well (do you realize how many quilters in blogland do?) and I am intrigued with your homechurch link over on the side...heading there now!


Oh! It's beautiful! What a special gift!


Such a sweet gift!! And what a wonderful anniversary surprise! It is sure to become a family heirloom. How lovely!


What a nice surprise! I am very impressed that they made this in one weeks time.



What a beautiful picture of faithful parents bringing up faithful children. I'm sure that quilt will be a treasure for generations to come.



What a wonderful gift idea! That sure was a lot of work for one week. I am amazed that you pieced your quilt together...and THEN wrote on it. What if you'd goofed?!

Thank you for sharing. Such an heirloom treasure for sure.


It's beautiful! The girls did a great job! I showed your picture to Wes and he was pretty impressed with it too. I suddenly realized that he'd never seen a picture of the two of you!


What a wonderful gift! How exciting it must have been to have such a surprise made in honor of your 30th anniversary! Hannah, Jonathan & done good. :-)


what a beautiful idea and an heirloom of memories


This almost brought tears to my eyes. As a quilter, I know how much time and effort goes into a project like this. And how much fun going through all the pictures! Congratulations on 30 years and rearing such thoughtful children.

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