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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ida Hochstetler

This book looks very nice! Thanks for a chance to win!

Barbara Powers

I am following this blog tour with much delight. It's nice to see another Barbara get this kind of attention for her wonderful quilting. Barb P
[email protected]

Ruth Beachy

Thanks for helping us get to know a bit more about Barbara. Love that Lone Star.


This blog tour is such a wonderful idea! And that lone star quilt is beautiful. I amm definitely putting Barbara's book on my wishlist. Thanks for hosting, Deb.

Dawn Rodes

I would love to win Barbara's book!

Lori Herrick

Thanks for the bio on Barbara. Your website is beautiful!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

This blog tour is wonderful! Happy to find some new great quilters!


I really would love to have this book. I just love these stars. Barbara is a very talented lady. Winona


Love your blog site... and once again enjoyed learning more about Barbara and her quilts! Can't wait to read one of her books!

Cecily Jenkins

I love this blog tour! These star quilts are amazing!

Deserae Fiedler

I love these star quilts! Gorgeous!

Peggy B

This book blog tour is such fun! Not only do we get to know Barbara better but we also get acquainted with new quilter friends! Would really enjoy winning Barbara's book--looks like LOTS of great ideas!! Thanks! Peggy B.
[email protected]


Her quilts are so beautiful! I think I would like to make each and every one!

Linda D.



What a great looking family you have and by now you have a new son in law too. Congrats.
I just love all I've seen of this book so far and all the beautiful quilts. I'd love to win this to attempt making some of my own.

Marj Heatwole

I was here, enjoyed it!

Sandy Allen

Beautiful quilts! Thanks for the chance to win!


I am so enjoying this blog tour. Barbara's quilts are amazing. thanks for the chance to win.

Jean Sheards

Would love to win Barbara's book. I am a "beginner" quilter. Hope to take one of her classes at Patchworks Plus.

Micki Butler

The blog tour is great and I would love to win Barbara's book!


I am enjoying hearing about Barbara and her quilts!


Thankyou so much for the opportunity to win this amazing book. The quilt inside are gorgeous!!!

I am having fun on this tour :)



Thanks for hosting this Deb! I love the new quilt your girls made for you for your anniversary.


Great post. Enjoyed your insights. This book sounds delightful. And your fabric giveaway is absolutely amazing. I'd love to make a beautiful quilt with it.


Donna Foster

Count me in!


Thanks for the opportunity to win!


Do please drop my name in the hat, and thank you!


I am so excited for this book! Everything I have seen so far is just beautiful!

Denise :)

Wow - already another book in the making, too! She's busy! Please count me in for the drawing. Thank you! :)


Barbara is such a talented quilter. Please count me in for the draw. Thanks so much.


Thanks for another great interview!


Interesting interview. And looks like a good book! Would I learn to quilt if I win this book?

Jolene Powell

Beutiful Quilts, Talented Quilter, and great choice of color selection in all your quilts! Thanks for sharing.


What a nice quilting background! Thanks for the interview and giveaway.


Fantastic Quilts!! What a great book.


Wow, it always shows someones skill when they get a book published. Thank you for the chance!

Mary Horst

so much fun to tour these quilt shows. How talented some people are!


It's so nice to visit with you today, and congratulations on the anniversary. I am having fun on this blog tour ... I enjoy seeing the beautiful quilts. Barbara's quilts are awesome! Bev in BC

Mama Spark

I am loving this book and especially this author! Thanks for the giveaway!!


Thanks for the interview, Deb. It's nice to learn more about Barbara.

Martha Harpole

The blog tour has been great. So nice getting to know the author.


I'm following the tour and am really enjoying the new blogs I'm reading along the way.


Like all the rest I'm enjoying the blog tour and would love to win the book!


Oops! I just realized we should post before midnight, it is still 9:30pm in AZ so I hope it didn't mean EST.


I am really enjoying reading along with this blog tour!! These quilts are amazing!! Thanks for the chance to win a giveaway!
[email protected]


I just checked out her blog site, what amazing work. Beautiful quilts!


Lovely quilts!


Such Beautiful Quilts! Looks like a great book.

Vicki T

I would love to win this fabulous book and think that Barbara is one amazing lady :) How talented she is :) Please enter me in the giveaway and I am keeping my fingers crossed. ":)


I'd love to win this fabulous looking book, please.

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