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Monday, September 27, 2010



That is soooooooooo exciting!!!! When are you going? What a wonderful time away with your Mom, too! God is so good to bless you with this prize! Can't wait to see the pictures!!!


Wow, what a prize! You'll enjoy sunny Florida and you are always welcome to stop by and see me if you go through our area. :)
Have a great trip!



OK Deb...HOW DO YOU DO IT??? You win everything! :) How fun, you will enjoy a nice relaxing time at the beach! Congratulations!!!

Angelina Fracchiolla

OH MY...OH MY....How incredibly EXCITING...and What a TREMEMDOUS BlESSING...

Okay...Did You Gasp, Scream, Jump, Shout...
Or Just fall flat on the floor...I think I would have done all of thee above..


Oh..and how special for you and GRANNY....
Maybe WE can WIN a trip to VA.... : )
Blessings to all of your family and our Hello's as well..

We continue to pray as well..
In Christ


How exciting!

I would love to win a vacation to Florida.You will be 17 minutes from my sister Marian who lives in Melbourne.

Have fun.


What a wonderful blessing for you and Granny! I'm sure you will make many great memories on your trip. My grandmother lived in Miami, FL. We would go there once a year to see her.

I LOVE rainy days too!!! I have been known to take a vacation day from work and spend it at home on rainy days. It is raining here in Richmond also. What a gift from God, we need the rain so much. We are under mandatory water restrictions here.


Okay Deb-when you come here, you are definitely touching my lottery ticket for good luck. Chris is right you win everything! See you soon, Toots


How fabulous is that!

vicki Boster

Congratulations Deb - (and Hannah and Grandma!) I am so excited to have you all as guests in our little "home on the beach". I think that this is even more wonderful after reading that you have never been to Florida - this will indeed be a special vacation for you all!

We will talk when you are standing in my living room looking out at the beautiful surf~~~



From now on I am getting YOU to enter my name in all the giveaways I sign up for! Congratulations!!


What a wonderful treat!! and how very generous of Vicki! I know that you and granny will have such a special time together -take lots of pictures!


Deb ~ I am so excited for you! And October is a great month to visit Florida (mostly just home folks roaming around - things aren't so busy - and the weather is lovely). I can't wait to see your photos. I know you and your mom will have a wonderful time!

brenda perdue

Deb and Mill,hope you both have a wonderful time in Florida. Who knows,Mill you may meet your future husband there. That would be a hoot and then you could live in Florida all the time and I could stay with you for a week or so. Praying you all will have a wonderful time and Mill you be on the look-out for your future husband. I love you and God Bless you all.

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