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Sunday, September 19, 2010



I'm so glad that you had a nice visit with your friends. Please know that you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers as you try to discern what the Lord wants you to do now.


Such a lovely photo of the four of you. Best wishes for the decisions ahead re your new church/fellowship.


Thanks for meeting us Tom and Deb! Another day of sweet memories, filled with laughter, encouraging words, memories and even a few tears. :) Yes we will continue to keep you all in our prayers. We know that God has some special plans for you all. We had a great time with you guys... as always!


Glad you got to have lunch with your friends.Are they from your former church in Newport News?

Will be praying for your family on what is next.Interesting that you brought up about your home fellowship group on the same day I saw Scott Brown and a few other people come out of the Integrated Family church office.As many times I drive in down town I do not see people come out of the office.


Deb, I am so sorry that your church has stopped. We are in a similar situation. I will be praying for you!

Love, Heather


Hey Deb,

I'll be praying.



So glad you got to have lunch with Chris and Fred! Will be continuing to pray for you and your family regarding your church situation. Isn't it wonderful to KNOW that God is working everything together for good?! That verse in Romans is very reassuring and comforting! Love you!


I'm sorry to hear that your home fellowship has ended. Our family has just moved and we are visiting churches in our new area. It is so hard sometimes, I forget that I can't recreate what I left behind and that I must be open to what the Lord has planned for us next.




I'm so sorry to hear about your church fellowship ending. We will be praying for you as you seek direction.
It looks like you had a nice visit with your dear friends.




Hi Deb,

So glad that you were able to have a lovely visit with your dear friends. It definitely is a low spot when a fellowship ends - I'm praying that the Lord will give you guidance and peace as you trust in Him for the next step.

Lindsey O.

Heard your restaurant experience was great....and delicious! :) Sorry to hear about your home church but surely that means something else is in the works for you all!

vicki Boster

Hi Deb - It is Saturday evening and Maddy girl has a little message for you--- go visit the blog dear friend!


Jan Yost

Deb, you are a blessed woman to have had such a strong group of God's people to share life with. Now He will give you others. We know the feelings and share in your wonderment of the future.
When I came to your site, it was to say YEA, you are going to love Vicki's home away from home, instead of that being the most important message, God has given me a new friend. God bless you in your life's journey. Jan

Julie Sacra

I have "lurked" on your website for probably the last two years. My husband and I have been very interested in the home church idea and would value your input. We live in Harrisonburg and were hoping you and Tom would be willing to meet David and I for a conversation. Would that be a possibility? Thanks so much!


Hi Deb! I am sorry you had to end your fellowship with the other families. I know that our Lord will provide sweet fellowship for you soon. I am excited that I will get to see you this Sunday :) Joanna called me last nite to tell me. Alli is excited also and can't wait for you to meet Esther! Looking forward to catching up and drive safely:)

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