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Friday, October 29, 2010



Aww Deb! You did a marvelous job and it is the perfect fabric for a beach cottage!! I LOVE it! (Ok enough with the exclaimations. :) ) Really though, I think the pattern you chose and the colors are perfect. I bet Vicki was so surprised and is snuggling under it watching the waves even as we type. :) I really like your label, love the yellow frame around it. All around SUPER job, and so thoughtful of you to make it as a thank you gift. Can't wait to hear about your beach adventures!!! :)


Betty at the Beach quilt I love it!! What a fun quilt. The one photo of the whole quilt and the ocean in the background is beautiful.


I'm sure Vicki was very glad you won her condo contest. What a wonderful hostess gift! I love the pretty mix of colors. The beach looked pretty nice too!



If only I HAD been at the beach.....wahhhh. But I love the quilt. Very pretty.


What a great adventure you must have had at the beachhouse condo! Love the quilt that you made to leave there. What a great story too!


Wow - you made that lovely quilt in only 10 days?!?!?! Amazing! What a perfect hostess gift.


Your quilt pictures remind me of my friend Mike who takes the middle school flag on every trip he goes on.The flag has been pictured on various forms of transportation and in many sporting venues across the country.


Oh, Deb, it's gorgeous! So great to hear you had a marvelous time and can't wait to read about it next week!

Katie B

Beautiful quilt! Fun story too!

Carol Hansen

Cute quilt and a great hostess story :)

vicki Boster

Dearest Deb, Hannah, and Granny-
I love you all. Finding that quilt that you made for me was the most amazing surprise ever. I was and still am in awe of the beautiful gift - a true gift of your talents and heart. To say that it is priceless - does not begin to touch the way I feel about this precious gift. I cannot even tell you how often this past week that I have held this precious gift and marveled at your talents.

As much as I love this beautiful gift - the most delightful treat was in actually getting to meet you all. What a special time that was for me to meet you and to visit for a little while. I feel as though I have know you forever - you are all so very precious to me now that I have met you!

I can hardly wait to see all the photos of your special week. (I am just returning myself - and the time there was so very wonderful!)

Hugs to you all!


That's a great quilt. Great fabrics and a great pattern. Awesome gift.


Oh my gosh - I'd rather win a week at the beach than the lottery, lol! Lucky you! The quilt is just gorgeous, what a thoughtful thing to do!


What a wonderful surprise hostess gift! Such a thoughtful and well-loved gesture.

Thanks for your comment about my quilt.

Jan Yost

Such a beautiful gift you left Vicki. She is a jewel and blessing in all our lives. God Bless you. Jan @ DreamChallenge


Beautiful quilt and a wonderful story! I don't know that I would take on such a big task as a hostess gift, but I love the idea and maybe one day I'll have the opportunity AND courage to follow your lead.


wow what a cool thing to win...a week at the beach sounds good to me. this is such a nice way to say thank you and you made it so fast!!! i love the fabrics

Sandra Starley

What a sweet name for a charming quilt and what a generous gift. I'll bet it was greatly appreciated.
Come see my 1890 antique schoolhouse quilt and
black/white/pink scrappy miniature

Mama Mel

What a lovely quilt! I recently took a quilt to the beach too! :) It just looks like it belongs there!


What a great surprise for your hostess!


what a great quilt, and a great gift!


lovely vibrant quilt! nice gift for your friend. thanks for sharing and have a great day

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