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Friday, October 08, 2010



Oh I would be honored to win one of Granny's baskets! She is just as sweet in person as on the blog!!! I think one of the things I learned is that she actually sands and "makes" some of her handles. I didn't know that. I thought the potato masher basket was interesting and a fun little basket. Granny should do another post sometime, she did a GREAT job. :)


I would be thrilled to win one of Granny's beautiful baskets. I've enjoyed her series and hope she will post again and show us some more of her many talents!



I enjoyed each of Granny's guest posts. I was especially interested in her description of the dyeing process using walnuts. I am glad she shared her wisdom. Each one teach one!

Kathy W.

When we visited you all over a year ago, we delighted in hearing Granny talk about her hobby. We pondered how nice it would be to live nearby and learn this skill. Well, we're not nearby yet, but what a treat to see Granny in action and learn more about her baskets. It would be a delight to have one of her hand-made treasures in our own home. Blessings to you all from the Whites in NY!!!


What a joy it would be to win one of Granny's baskets. The thing I enjoyed most about her posts was the picture of her hands and her granddaughters hands together weaving the basket. "A picture speaks a thousand words".




Who wouldn't want to win one of Granny's baskets.Nice to know why they call it the 2 pint basket.I would end up filling it with candy because I do not like jelly.

brenda perdue

Mill I would love to win one of your baskets.They are so beautiful and you do an excelllent job on them. I loved the mustard one,it was so beautiful. I love you very muchand miss you,but I know you are being taken care of and thats what matters. Be good and God Bless.

brenda perdue

Mill you should have a blog of your own,since you did an excellent job on this one. Love you

Andrea P.

Granny, I love that you not only make your own baskets, but your own dye! Talk about frugal and crafty. I can see where Deb and the girls get their "craft" gene!
Blessings to you all.


What a beautiful basket! I'd love to win! :)

I've enjoyed the series on basketry! :)


Granny, I would LOVE to win the two pint basket! My favorite part was watching all the different steps to making your baskets. I never realized just how much work it is. Thanks for sharing your talents with us. :-)


Ooooo! I'd love to win the two pint basket! All of your baskets are beautiful! We learned how to weave baskets in 4-H many years ago, but I have not done it since. I never knew how you used walnuts to stain the baskets...thought that was really interesting to see!

Hope you Girotti's are doing well! We are. George is busy, Grace is getting so big and our baby GIRL and I are both growing :) Hi to the family from us.



I am not surprised at all that Granny can do this beautiful basket weaving! She has always been such a wonderful lady and her work shows just how great she is!!!! "She worketh willingly with her hands". She also proved how great she is by raising such a wonderful daughter as Deb...and those grandchildren!!! What more can you say! I would love to have a basket no matter what size that she made!!

Leslie From VA

I have learned my lesson......I need to comment more! RATS! I've been reading Granny, but I did not take time to comment. Oh, how I wish I had so that I could have had two chances to win!

Your talent shines through, Granny!


I LOVE that basket!

I was telling my husband about you making stain from the black walnuts (the same we find annoying in our back yard!).

Our tree is next to the house and the black walnuts "rain" on the roof... which can be quite startling if you are home alone. ;

Anyway, he was wondering if you have ever used that stain on furniture wood.


The baskets are wonderful and I really like the photo tutorial'.


I would love to win one of your beautiful baskets. I have enjoyed all of your posts on basket making. I remember some time ago I think Bette wrote about one of your baskets with a handle made from a potato masher. I wondered at the time if you ever made any of those to sell. We had several hickory nut trees in the yard at our last home and a lady from our church would use the hulls for staining her baskets.

Angelina Fracchiolla

Hello Granny my name is char'lee i love your post's i enjoed them a lot:) I Lerned that baskets are a Blesseng! and that thay can also be alot of work. and you need wallnuts.(to dip the baskits in) and you also need baskit materials to make your baskit. I will love to win one of your baskits. LOVE CHAR'LEE.:) P.S. can you tech me how to make baskits?.

Angelina Fracchiolla

Dearest Granny,
I thoroughly ENJOYED...Going on a Basket Journey with you..I don't think I will ever look at a Basket the same way again..Not to mention EVERY time I do see a Basket..My thoughts will be torwads you...And what a Blessing that is...My Daughter Char'lee wanted to enter the Giveaway as well..being that she Followed along and EAGERLY awaited your much as I did...So I hope two people from the SAME household are able to enter...what I learned...Was that..WALNUTS are NOT just for EATING.. : )
They are also for Making Baskets Look Pretty..I also learned that some Baskets have names that...Well...Just have names...
Such as the MUSTARD basket...You did Beautiful work and Whomever wins will certaintly be Blessed by your Handy Work..for years to come..

Many Blessings to ALL of you Lovely Ladies..
In Christ


Hi Granny,

I'm not sure that I can enter the giveaway as a basket might be an issue for our two countries' customs offices. I wanted to leave a comment anyway -- I've enjoyed the whole process starting back when Deb said "What will Granny be doing with these walnuts?" It's been a lot of fun to watch the basket making, I especially enjoyed the weaving. Cheers and thank you! Rose in Oz


If the giveaway is open to Australians I'd love to win the basket! If not, just leave me out and I won't be worried. We have been collecting baskets to store all kinds of bits in, from books to hats to cameras!

I learned that Granny once sold many baskets, and that you can use walnuts to stain them. Thanks again for sharing!


I am basket mad, loving yours, how wonderful to make them, am new to your blog, found you via Roses', greening the rose blog, am loving loking through.
happy days xx

Anita Kilpatrick

Who does NOT love a basket--especially homemade ones! I have learned a lot about basket making by reading your post. I purchased a book and some supplies several years ago about how to make baskets, but to some degree could not make exact heads or tails of things including all the tools I needed...I hope to one day have the help of someone like you to show my precious Hannah this her mother is very lost!!! Would love to win a homemade basket---thanks for sharing these posts I have enjoyed them!

Mrs. Anita Kilpatrick


Please enter me too!! Your baskets are beautiful !!!!! I thought it was pretty cool that you made your own handles --- that's something my Mom and I have never tried! ;) Maybe next time you "guest post" you'll have to give us a picture tutorial!! :)


Such beautiful hand-made baskets - I would be thrilled to win one!!

Nancy in Florida

When I read Granny's posts I realized how much I miss making baskets. I thinking of starting up once again. I would like to know where you get your supplies especially the strips to make the handles. Loved each one of the baskets. Nancy

Vikki Jo Ivey

I love the basket and size - it's so perfect for so many things!!

Audrey in Texas

What lovely baskets! And what a great series.


What a wonderful series! I have been away from blogland for a bit and am so happy to have seen this today! The baskets are treasures!

Alli J

Oh how beautiful! You are truly talented! What I found amazing about your whole process was the before and after pictures of the baskets when they were stained. What a transformation! Thank you so much for sharing your art. They are lovely!


OF COURSE, I'd like to win the basket. Who wouldn't?!!

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