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Wednesday, November 17, 2010



What a great day! 'm teaching myself soap making and would have loved to be a fly on the wall -- or a Rose in a chair. (giggle)


Looks like it was real exciting and fun.


What a breautiful day for your class! I would have loved to have been there. The soap looks so pretty all cut in your photo.


I have made soap before and was amazed by the results. I love the homemade scented soaps. Your class looks like it was lots of fun!



I would like to be on the list, I have wanted to learn to make soap for a long time!


How exciting! I've wanted to make soap for so long! Maybe you could add a soap store on your sidebar, right along side the baskets and cards. :-)

Marla Bosworth

Looks like a great soap making class!


Hi, Rose, be sure to post about your soap-making so I can see the results! We would have loved having an Aussie join our class...;)

Tammy, it was! Now we have all this real soap leftover to actually use!

Mrs. O, we would've loved to have had you join us...maybe you and Laura can make it out here one day.

Victoria, neat to hear that you have had experience with soap. Maybe we can share notes sometime. I love using the results, too.

Cindi, we will be sure to let you know when a another class is planned!

Mrs. H, good idea. That has been talked about. :)
I may have some ready just in time for Christmas.

Marla, I enjoyed browsing your site and reading about your classes.


What an engaging activity. It looks like everyone was enjoying it.


Looks like a lot of fun! I'm so glad it went well. :) I'm sad we weren't able to be there! But I'm pleased you had good weather and a safe and fun time. Thanks for posting about it!


What a lovely day you all seem to have had! I've never made soap, but I'd love to learn one of these days.


That sounds like fun - they would make such nice gifts! (I'm not hinting - lol! just thinking ahead for my own Christmas list!!)

Cyndi Muller

Hi Hannah,
Thanks for emailing me tonight about using raw milk for soapmaking. I did respond to your email and then came to your blog.

Looks like you ladies had a beautiful day (and the good Lord gave you the rain after to clean up any spills!)

The one thing that concerns me is I don't see anyone using eye protection. Safety goggles would be the minimum I'd recommend. I actually use a face shield. It only takes a split second for a stray piece of lye or caustic soap to splash in your eye.


Thanks, Kathy, Amber, Jo, Islandsparrow, and Cyndi for your comments.

Cyndi, I received your email and am thankful for the info! I appreciate your concern on the safety glasses, too. I had participants wear safety glasses when they were the ones dealing closely with the raw soap, mixing, etc, although since several of them wore eye glasses anyway, they went with those. It is true that we are better safe than sorry. :)


what a beautiful day you were blessed with! This looks like lots of fun and I wish I was close enough to join your next adventure in homemaking!

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