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Monday, December 06, 2010



We had snow on Saturday.Very cold and windy today.

The cake looks yummy.Happy Birthday Sarah.

Trivial Pursuit is so much fun to play.


Hi Deb,
Good to "see" you back on the blog again. We were a little worried here, too!
Wish we could share some of our 15 inches of snow (and it's still coming down.)
Winter blessings to you all!!


Happy Birthday to Sarah!!!! The cake looks awesome, Deb. I'd never know that you aren't a cake decorator! ;)

Love the snowman plate!

The concert sounds wonderful too. I've been looking at ads here to see what kind of performances there are in town to celebrate Christmas.

I was just thinking of you this morning. I saw your picture on a "Follow" list of one of the blogs in the Henry Glass Blog Hop. It felt like having a friend with me while I went to each blog after that! ;)

I hope your family is having a wonderful Christmas season!


What a fun way to celebrate. Happy birthday Sarah!
Glad you are back to blogging. We missed you!



Happy birthday to Sarah! :)


Happy Birthday to you, Sarah!!! Looks like it was a wonderful day! Glad you guys are back! I missed you. :-)


Nice to have you back Deb! Happy birthday Sarah for Sunday, lots of good wishes for the year ahead. Funnily enough you and my Mum share a birthday, Mum was 84 on Sunday. :)


Happy Birthday Sarah!!

from all the Donahue's


Happy Birthday Sarah!! What a blessing to be able to spend your birthday with your family.

We had snow in Richmond too. We had about a 1/2 inch. It was so pretty. I think the temperature tonight is going to be 20 degrees.


What a wonderful birthday surprise to wake up to! Gorgeous piece of God's creation!


You're back. Hooray!

Happy belated b'day to Sarah, w/hopes for many more on time.


Hello again .... from me to you! That is because I too have not been blogging for a while and know what you mean about taking time to pick things up again. Your lovely photo reminded me of a lovely holiday I had in '04 - we travelled around a bit but I remember Black Mountain and Jonas Ridge and our drive along the Blue Ridge parkway - but it was hot and sunny! Oh, I forgot, Grandfather mountain and Chimney Rock .... finishing our holiday in a little place called Murphy. The birthday cake looked great and your celebrations for Sarah must have been very enjoyable.
I had a long holiday and then have been busy making the quilt tops for Kristine.
May you and our family be richly blessed as you look forward to the Real Birthday!
Blessings, Val xx Oxfordshire UK


A belated Happy Birthday to Sarah! Snow for her birthday - now that seems like a day made especially for her :)

Your cake looks fabulous!! Well done Deb!


That cake looks so happy and fun...just like Sarah. It is perfect!

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