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Sunday, January 09, 2011


Julie Trent

What a great tradition! Happy Birthday Hannah! May the Lord bless you this year~Mrs. Trent


Hannah, the meal looked delicious. Leave it up to Sarah and Mom and it's always the best! Wish I could be there, but we are SNOWED IN! Very pretty though. Happy Birthday! Love, Granny.

Aunt Bet

Looks great! I can't believe those pitas, Sarah... they really did puff up beautifully. I've never tried to make those. Everything looks good actually. I'd like to try all of those.

Glad you had a good birthday, Hannah.


Happy Birthday to Hannah. What a delicious sounding dinner. We have the same tradition of a special meal for each person on their birthdays. Everyone usually picks the same thing excecpt for our second eldest son. The year he picked stuffed crabs was the worst. He was the ONLY one that liked them. The rest of us were glad when that dinner was over. :) Hannah's choices sounded much better.



Happy birthday Hannah! What a delicious looking treat for your special day.

vicki Boster

Happy Happy Birthday dear sweet Hannah! What a wonderful birthday dinner you had! You guys are cooks like none I have ever seen - that meal looks fabulous!

If I come to visit will you cook a wonderful dinner for me?

Loved seeing these great family photos!


Bobbi Hudson

Happy Birthday, Hannah! What a blessing to be able to spend it with your family. I know you missed not having Granny there. Were the pita's hard to make? I've never tried to make them.


Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

Mom and Sarah did a great job of fixing my "out-of-the-ordinary" birthday meal, and I enjoyed spending the day with my family.

Vicki, if you came to visit, you bet we will fix something good for you. :)

Bobbi, the pitas were not too hard, just different because of cooking them on racks in batches and keeping them covered with damp towels. They turned out really soft and good. I'm sure we will make them again.


Happy Birthday, Hannah! We think you are a sweetie!

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