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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Amy, a redeemed sheep

WOW!! You got a fabulous deal!! Amazing!

About the Quilter's Cruise Control, I am very interested in getting one. If you decide to sell it, will you let me know?

Amy, a redeemed sheep

Ooops...I misunderstood what it did. I was thinking of something else. This stitch regulator needs to be on a frame and I don't have one. Sorry about that. =)


I do love a bargain! You were a very good steward of your money. You just proved that patience is a virtue. I'm impressed that you got all of those pieces together to make a frame! Now I can't wait to see all of the beautiful quilts that come from your new frame.


Great find!


Amazing bargain! Good for you.



Why can't I ever find a bargain like that??

Enjoy your blessing!!


That's quite a find! Hope you enjoy quilting with it.


WOW! My grandmother was a master quilter, and my mother now dabbles. This is truly lovely thing!! Enjoy!


This is wonderful! Have fun with it. :))

Stephanie in Michigan

That's a great idea for hand quilting! Great bargain. Way to go!


Congratulations!! What a great bargain! You will enjoy every stitch you make sitting using this frame. Quite a few years ago we put an old wooden frame (huge) in our living room and some of the ladies at church came to quilt on one we had pieced for a Missionary's wife. I was young and inexperience with quilting and after a little while of watching me try to make those little stitches they very nicely asked me to fix lunch and they would quilt! :)


Sarah! Now that is a project. Glad to see such great progress. Good to hear what you're up to these days! Wish we could stop by and see it in person!

Paula Viitala

Sarah, I just bought a system like this. I am having trouble with the machine because I have no info for the frame and stitch regulator and anything else that was suppose to come with it. The lady who sold it to me lost the info. Would you be able to help me with that. I see in the picture that you received all the manuals. Please help to solve my problems. Would you be able to post that info for me or send it to my email please? Thank you Paula , my email is Or if there is info in the manuals to lead me into getting info for these manuals that would help me alot

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