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Thursday, January 27, 2011



Oh my! I cannot believe someone would vandalize your mailboxes like that. Glad your box and mail were intact.

The snow is beautiful...but I'm glad we didn't get any this go round. Granny says to tell you all hello. She made a basket today. It is beautiful!


Glad that your mail is safe.One day when we were living in Ohio I heard a big kaboom.Looked out at first and didn't see anything.A little bit later I opened the garage door and saw crime tape in front of my drive way.Turned out a neighborhood teen decided to blow up mailboxes and had done our next door neighbors.We think he did our neighbors because it had no mail in it.The teen bought a new box for our neighbor and spent time in a juvenile detention center for his crime.


Oh dear, I am glad your mail is safe and hope that a stronger box will be forthcoming. Lovely material Deb.

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