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Friday, February 04, 2011


Robin Booth

Your cross stitch looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing the geraniums (I can't get enough of them). I like that you've got writing on your UFO list. Those books are as important as a sewing project any day.

Julie in WA

I like your cross stitch pictures! Can't wait to see those geraniums in bloom. I'm doing the block-a-palooza too! Keep up the good UFO work!


Great cross stitch! I haven't done any since the kids were toddlers...the eyesite has gone downhill a lot since then.


I love the second cross stitch project. Make sure to post a picture when it's finished.

Have a glorious weekend. Go Steelers! Sorry, couldn't resist. Our family is crazy about the Steelers (we live in the Bay Area of N CA, but my husband grew up in Pittsburgh), and we love football.


Barbara Anne

Well done on the bread picture! I imagine the geranium will be more fun because of the brighter colors.

Love the family legacy books! You're already a wonderful Granny Deb, for sure!

Your Postage Stamp quilt is beautiful! Well done!



Good for you Deb! The cross stitch looks great as does the Postage Stamp quilt -- way to go! :)


Your cross-stitch finish looks wonderful! Congratulations on the finish.


Congratulations on getting so much work done.Have fun finishing up more projects.

By the way what became of getting a new freezer?Also wasn't the oven on the fritz for awhile?


I love all your handiwork. You sure are one talented lady. Can't wait to see the rest of it. Do you have a place to hang all these newly completed things? If not, send some my way. ;)



You are making such great progress with your UFO's! I'm planning to retire this summer and hope to start working on a few of my own. :)

Diane W

I have not cross stitched in ages, but yours are beautiful. Love both of them. Way to go on your UFO's. I didn't make much progress on mine


Deb- you are not going to believe this- I made that cross stitch bread picture years ago! Which reminds me- I don't know where it is!!!

Seriously you are marking all these projects off your list- I am so jealous!!

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