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Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Not food, but I have bartered knitted items for sewing assistance or sewing being done for me, it's a great way to get mutual benefits. I love your photos Hannah.

Your bread looks terrific, would you be willing to share your recipe?

Mandy Drumheller

What a nice post! You're right trading and bartering are a great way to gain friendships, skills and new items.

See you tomorrow,



I enjoyed this post Hannah! Thank you for the delicious bread that Mandy shares with me. Your bread-making skills are excellent and I'm very happy!

Bartering is an excellent way to get things done. Since I'm pretty good at fixing minor mechanical things such as golf carts and small engines, frequently the neighbors bring me mechanical repair projects. In exchange, if we're on vacation, they feed the chickens, water our small greenhouse, and collect the mail.

What a good arrangement.

Thanks again,

Dan Drumheller


We love to barter and do it often. In our family business we groom, board dogs,and have a doggie daycare. Over the years we have come across others that like to barter with us for dog services. We now barter with a dentist, Chick-Fil-A owner, pool company, and lawn care services for our store property. What a blessing it is for everyone involved ....wish we could do it more!

Enjoy making new friends and bartering ......wish you live closer, we would love to barter with you;-)


I am not a barter but thought of an acquaintance's advice in his website-he suggests bartering skills.



Rose, I'll type up the recipe soon for you! The knitting and sewing sounds like it works well for you.

Thanks, Mandy and Dan, for the encouraging comments and the interesting bartering experiences(and for allowing me to feature you).

Laura, those bartering examples sound like a great opportunity for your family. And...we could certainly use dog sitting services if y'all lived nearby. ;)

Tammy, I enjoyed browsing his bulk food site--thanks for the link.

Lisa Spivey

Hi Hannah!
We like to barter also. We have a flock of hens and enjoy sharing our extra eggs with friends who have much better "green thumbs" with vegetables than we do! I really liked your post and photos, but especially your point of making a new friend. Your bread looks absolutely delicious!

Stephanie in MIchigan

That's really neat. I would love to have some chickens, and this year we are planting a big garden. I wish we could buy the 8 acres that is for sale next to us so we could raise our own beef.


Thanks, Lisa, for giving your input on bartering and for the compliments!

Hi, Stephanie, it is fun growing one's own food. I've found bartering to be one way you can do what you're able yourself but still get quality items for the others things you can't. Your plans sound wonderful!

Rose, the basic bread recipe I use can be found on page 2 here: I do make a few changes, such as I don't use baking soda when proofing the yeast, and I usually let the dough rise only twice. I also tend to add gluten and an egg, for better kneading development and shelf life.

For the dinner rolls, I fit 15-18 in a loaf pan, brush with olive oil, and sprinkle with a garlic-herb seasoning.

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